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Vijay Anuru’s Letter

The complete, uncensored letter that was written by Vijay Anuru is being reproduced here for the sake of providing the complete information, so that we cannot be accused of misrepresenting facts.

We regret to have to reproduce some of the very personal abuses that he has made towards some of the members of the Ashram. Moreover, this letter has already been public by Vijay Anuru himself. Those who are the victims of Vijay Anuru’s abuses are in any case having to hear his abuses whenever he feels like it.

We strongly recommend our readers to use their sense of discretion. Please do not believe Vijay Anuru blindly when he quotes others because his capabilities to comprehend others are greatly limited.

If you still wish to read Vijay Anuru’s letter, please click on the link below:

Vijay Anuru’s letter

One Comment
  1. Pradeep permalink

    This Vijay chap is a total nut case. He should be just happy and grateful that the Ashram is still giving him all the comforts they provide to him. In the real world he would have been locked up in an asylum and his letters would be the subject of psychiatric study.

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