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  1. Meera permalink

    Some blogs such as “” practice censorship and do not allow the views of those readers whose views differ with theirs to appear on their blog. They selectively pick and choose the information which they wish to present, suppressing any valid, differing or opposing views. Their blogs are used merely as a tool for their propaganda. There is no interest in finding out differing views. Such an approach is limited and cannot help in enlarging the views on discussions which could lead to a greater understanding or harmony. They do not want any understanding at all. They do not want harmony. They just want to thrust their personal and limited ideas on everyone and want you to believe them. The less people think, the better it is for them.

    We like the Well-wishers blog because it allows all points of views and encourages a positive discussion and no-nonsense approach. I therefore want to make a suggestion that you create a page on your blog where those of us who are interested can openly question and respond to the misinformation, even lies that are published on other blogs and websites that censor our views. We should encourage an environment where many points of views are presented. We trust that your blog is a good place for that. Thanking you. Meera.

  2. Dev permalink

    Your website contains several interesting posts and bits of information that are not always easy to find. Searching through the Archives is not always convenient. Could you please add a page, like a Table of Contents, with the complete list of all your posts. Thks. Dev

  3. SUBHASHREE DAS permalink

    Dear Sir,

    The blogs “” practice censorship and do not allow the views of those readers whose views differ with theirs to appear on their blog.

    I refer to a posting in their blog “Correspondence between Manoj Das and Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya in June 1994) having the following link:

    I had given a comment on the above subject in their blog and doubtful weather they will post it or not.

    Here is my comment which you may publish for greater interest of all.

    The correspondence between Manoj Das and Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya in June 1994 is of great learning in the present day scenario.

    When as a sadhak of Ashram,Shri Manoj Das wrote a letter to the Managing Trustee and the Managing Trustee differed with him, Shri Manoj Das silently resigned as a Trustee and concentrated on his “own business” instead of going for dharna, instigating the public against the Ashram Trust through posters nor by telling lie against anybody in TV appearances as some of the sadhaks are now a days doing tampering the image of this great Ashram in public.

    Thanks to “” for publishing the letters and hope some of the sadhaks who have joined this holy ashram for their inner progress will adopt the same principle and concentrate on the real purpose for which they are here.

    Subhashree Das

    • satyam permalink

      Dear Subhashree,
      Thank you for sharing this information with us.
      It is shocking to see how utterly disrespectful and disgraceful Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya has been towards Dr. Manoj Das.
      Dr. Manoj Das’s behavior has been exemplary. It is difficult to expect ruffians like Sraddhalu Ranade to even come close his stature and behave like him.
      What is very revealing is that it is people like Sraddhalu Ranade, and Alok Pandey (who have been taking umbrage from PKB and his ideology of intolerance) are those who are unable to mind their own business. They want to have a say in matters that do not concern them. Dr. Manoj Das should send them all packing the next time they try to approach him.

    • Nirvay permalink

      Correction for Mrs. Subhasree Das that Pranab da was not managing trustee, he was the chief of physical education department.By the way, the way Pranab da replied to Manoj Das proves that he has neither the mental patience to explain the situation nor the courtesy of language to a junior sadhak.

  4. daksha permalink

    m.k.gandhi used to go on huger strike to blackmail the leadership to get his way. some hated him for this.
    here too the trust was blackmailed by this threat and could not stand for truth as they profess to do every now and then. it was raw physical threat and they buckled under it.
    this set a bad precedent and hence pkb dictated all events/rules.
    wonder like heehs case, why they did not let the hunger strike start, instead of a dharna allowed 18 years later.
    trust sacrificed talwar, but not heehs.
    there will always be answers to support trust, as pkb and his stature, mothers attendant, if and buts, history, etc.
    why blame, nehru and others for agreeing to gandhi’s demands.
    here too history repeated itself.

    by putting up these letters the livesofsriau.. site, do not know what point they want to put across. it is elders and saice alumni behaving worse than children. pathetic.

  5. daksha permalink

    the lives of.. , site post of manoj das’s letter to pkb, is meant to put him down.
    it just has the opposite effect.
    pkb comes across in poor light.
    anti saa trust group talks about democracy, rti, group decisions etc. etc.
    their main icon, pkb was the opposite. all decisions taken unilaterally. no rti allowed. shouting, bad temper, bordering on physical threat. how contradictory.
    do not know how they justify it with him and not with others. they talk about equal status and treatment at saa, pkb was more equal than all at saa.
    dada always brought out extremes in persons, either blind hero worship or hating him.


    • Selvam permalink

      You are correct regarding these published letters at TLOSA.
      By the way, I wonder is Gopal Battacharya of the SAS top related to PKB?

  6. While Mr. Gehlaut is engaging in anti-management activities in SAA-Pondicherry, in Delhi he has aligned with the management of SAES to usurp the land on which Mirambika school was running for 25 years, to set up an engineering college. You can get all the details on our blog
    Request if you can exert pressure on SAES to re-open Mirambika and move the children back their school building.

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