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Sridharan Replies to Aurofilio of SAICE forum, July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013 at 10:17 AM

Filio: Sridharan, if you are so interested to talk about my personal life, its past, present, future, why do you still avoid meeting me in person? Let me renew once again my invitation for a physical handshake… (with IDs in the other hand). When we meet I will give you all the facts of my personal life. Unlike Sraddhalu, I have no need to hide details of my personal life/lives.

Sridharan: There you are, this is the true Filio, thumping his chest and calling for a physical confrontation! Do you want the present exchange of ideas (however spiteful) to deteriorate into an exchange of blows? But those days are over when you had to fight like barbarians!

Filio: But if you prefer to rely on Sraddhalu & Co’s imagination of my life, you will hear fantastic stories of my croc training days that even I don’t seem to know. For your information I myself didn’t know that I was a croc trainer!!! Did Sraddhalu by any chance tell you that I also tamed a few dragons? This story might contain an element of truth… you may check out this article, especially one of the references of this Wikipedia page:

Sridharan: I apologise for the wrong information on you, though I still stand by the comment on your jaw-snapping hostility. I have checked up the site and am delighted to know that you are an authority on Oriental garden lizards. This surely does not make you more eligible for discussing Sri Aurobindo and Peter Heehs’s biographical distortions. You should restrict yourself henceforth to lizards, and I will keep a respectful silence.

Filio: Regarding your “good old Mama Shakuni, Matriprasad” he must be a real botheration to you as he seems to haunt you all the time, with all these steaming, boiler facts that he keeps providing, that burn and turn to vapour all of your preferred, blatant lies.

Sridharan: Have you not forgotten the original question that you insisted upon so much – that of the unanimity of opinion on Peter Heehs’s book. I thought I gave a sufficiently long answer and I also posed you a question on Manoj Das Gupta, which you haven’t answered. I demand an answer to it; otherwise I will close the discussion. Thanks for the spiteful participation.


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