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Sraddhalu’s email in Govind’s name

From: [] On Behalf Of Sraddhalu Ranade
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 10:06 PM
Subject: Re: [SAICE Alumni] Enough of Falsehood – Ashram Trustee resigns!

Ha ha ha ha, Ashit, that was a good piece of fiction! But the ending with “new spring in my steps and an unassailable confidence” is sort of over done, and weakens your attempt at realism.

Let me respond with my own fictional encounter:

“I met Albert-da…. greeted with usual bright smile…. etc.

“He said, “As you know, the other Trustees never listen to me. I have told them many times not to waste Mother’s money in court cases and to try to solve problems in house. I told them expel PH from the Ashram. I told them not to fight the Government. But they do not listen. I am old now and cannot handle this falsehood and I do not wish to go to jail with them.

“As I walked out, I felt an unassailable confidence that the truth will win in spite of all orchestrated attempts to obfuscate facts, and Sri Aurobindo will win in spite of all those who try to abuse him and harm his work.”

Now it is your piece of fiction against mine. If you want to prove your version, please get your statement from Albert-da in writing.

Oh, by the way, Albert-da’s resignation is unconditional, Hence he has ceased to be a Trustee even if his resignation is not accepted for cosmetic reasons. See for updates on the search for a new Trustee to replace him.



—– Original Message —–

From: Ashit Kumar Mitra


Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2013 10:45 PM

Subject: Re: [SAICE Alumni] Enough of Falsehood – Ashram Trustee resigns!

Dear Arindam,

While you are finding out the real facts behind Albert-da’s letter of resignation, I too have carried out my little exercise doing the same. In fact I met Albert-da this morning at his office and was greeted by his usual bright smile; the same unchanging smile that I am used to since I had known him as a little kid in green group…

I told him the purpose of my visit and wanted a private audience with him. He said I could ask him whatever I wanted and that there was no need of a private audience. I told him about the disturbing rumours floating about surrounding his unexpected resignation.

“What rumours?” He asked.

“All sorts” I replied “It is alleged that you have objected to the SAAT’s stand on Peter’s TLOSA, the court case as a result, the managing trustee’s high handedness etc.”  I said

“Oh you mean the rumours being spread by Sraddhalu on his website? They are all rumours and totally false. They are trying to divide the board of trustees by their actions but they will fail.” He said

“But then why did you resign? To some people it seemed very abrupt” I said

“Look, I am 90 years of age and my physical health is taking its toll; that is why I thought of it (resigning). There is nothing very abrupt about all this. Besides, my letter of resignation has not been accepted by the board of trustees so I am still continuing in my full capacity as a trustee” He said

“Some people say that your letter was very short and curt and feel that there must be more to it” I said

“Everyone is free to speculate whatever they want to, I can’t stop that. You have known me since you were a little kid, was I ever a man of many words???” He said

“Albert-da, you have clarified all the questions I have raised. Could I, with your permission, share it with others?” I asked

“Of course” He said emphatically. A man of few words indeed…

As I was turning to go, he called me back, drew out a blessings packet with Sri Aurobindo’s photo from his purse and gave it to me.

“Don’t be so worked up, He will take care of all these things. Leave it to Him” He said with his ineffable smile and a twinkle in his eyes…

As I walked out, I felt tangibly that a burden had been lifted off my shoulders. There was new spring in my steps and an unassailable confidence that the people who specialise in spreading falsehood about Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and the Ashram or their evil collaborators in far off continents can never ever succeed.



PS: Arindam, please pursue your research and if you find something to the contrary do let me know. Thanks

On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 8:32 PM, arindam das <> wrote:


Cut your amazement and accusations for the time being.

I am merely asking you a simple question – have you checked with anyone from the Ashram whether the information forwarded by you is correct? Your answer can be either “yes” or “no”. If “yes”, you can let the forum know what you have found out and from whom. Is it so complicated to understand?


From: Govind <>

Sent: Thursday, 17 January 2013 7:56 PM
Subject: Re: [SAICE Alumni] Enough of Falsehood – Ashram Trustee resigns!

Dear Arindam,

You are so blatant in your double standards! First you chide me for not verifying facts, presuming falsely that I did not take the trouble to check things with people in the Ashram. Then you declare the TLOSA website wrong before verifying for yourself what the facts are. Then you promise to revert with the actual fact after checking them!

I never cease to be amazed at your powers of self-deception. You may think that you are getting away with it, but let me assure you, everyone on this forum finds your pretentiousness merely amusing.


—– Original Message —–

From: arindam das


Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 10:33 PM

Subject: Re: [SAICE Alumni] Enough of Falsehood – Ashram Trustee resigns!


Wonder if you took the trouble to check with anyone from the Ashram whether the information forwarded by you is indeed correct. Is the interpretation ascribed faithful? In case you have, can you please let us know what you have found out.

Riding piggyback on a website that has now come to be known as the meeting-point where gossip mongers vent their frustrations may not be the best approach when you want to drive home a point on this forum. The sensationalist journalism (if I may use the term journalism) and pseudo-objectivity displayed by the website is now only too well known for anyone to take it seriously except by those who themselves revel in gossip and spreading hatred. You may have noticed that apart from the three consecutive comments on the subject by RYD and one from you (may be an after-thought) no one has bothered to say anything on the piece.

I am going to take the trouble to find out what exactly are the facts and ask the Ashram about this issue. But I will wait to hear from you about your own independent findings before I proceed with my enquiry.

Looking forward to hear from you.


From: Govind <>
Sent: Tuesday, 15 January 2013 9:51 PM
Subject: [SAICE Alumni] Enough of Falsehood – Ashram Trustee resigns!

Congratulations to our dear Albert-da!



Jan 7, 2013

Enough of Falsehood – Ashram Trustee resigns!

This morning saw high drama in the Board of Trustees of the Ashram Trust.
In the general backdrop of the ongoing Probe of criminal actions of the Trustees by the Government of Puducherry and their desperate attempts to stay the probe by legal devices, several members of the Board of Trustees have been expressing their discontent with the high-handedness and wrong decisions of the Managing Trustee Manoj Das Gupta which have brought the entire Ashram into disrepute.
Especially in the last one year, there have been many disagreements in the Trust Board, but always the high-handedness of the Managing Trustee has trampled upon others, and his personal interests have prevailed over the collective conscience.
In the last four months, in desperation, the Trustees have chosen to plunge head-on into battle with the Government of Puducherry, and it is obvious that they are at the losing end of their struggle against the inevitability of the law of the land. Their well-wishers and advisors have warned them repeatedly that if they do not solve their problems in-house they will surely end up in jail. And their time is not far.
Overwhelmed by the circumstances and under pressure of his own conscience, this morning Albert Patel, the senior-most Trustee of the Ashram Trust, submitted his resignation to the Trust Board, and walked away from the Board meeting.
The rest of the Trustees followed him to his house and pleaded with him to stay on at least till the 21st of January when the battle in the High Court is going to decide the fate of the Trustees. Albert Patel steadfastly refused. Eventually, Manoj Das Gupta declared in his typical high-handedness that he would only accept the resignation after the 21st and not before.
We can only hope that if any of the other Trustees still have their conscience intact, they too will follow the sane example of the eldest Trustee.
A copy of the resignation letter, in wide circulation in the Ashram, is given below.


Posted by General Editor at 1/07/2013 08:19:00 PM

Labels: Administrative, Ashram Trust, MalAdministration, Manoj Das Gupta


RYDJanuary 7, 2013 at 9:07 PM

Congratulations, Albert-da!


RYDJanuary 9, 2013 at 5:07 AM

It is the custom of the immortal gods to grant temporary prosperity and a fairly long period of impunity to those whom they plan to punish for their crimes, so that they may feel it all the more keenly as a result of the change in their fortunes.—Julius Caesar


RYDJanuary 10, 2013 at 4:57 AM

Four Strides of the Titan

Sumbha first loved Kali with his heart and body, then was furious with her, at last prevailed against her, seized her by the hair and whirled her thrice round him in the heavens; the next moment he was slain by her. These are the Titan’s four strides to immortality and of them all the last is the longest and the mightiest. Kali is Krishna revealed as the dreadful Power and wrathful Love. She slays with her furious blows the self in body, life and mind in order to liberate it as spirit eternal. (Sri Aurobindo)



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