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RY Deshpande on “Man-handling of Savitri”

In the blurb of R.Y. Deshpande’s book “Man-handling of Savitri” the author states that:

“Apparently the issue of editing Savitri maybe of a minor nature, of interest only in its academic context. But in yogic context it assumes alchemical significances; it could be the thin line that divides evolutionary success and failure.


In other words, R.Y. Deshpande, the founder and ‘brain’ of the Savitri Foundation, sees himself as the next person after Sri Aurobindo who is able to understand and draw that thin line that apparently exists in the choice of words in the ‘Savitri’ poem, based on which the Universe’s evolution will either fail or succeed!

Those who sponsor R.Y. Deshpande in his endeavors must either believe in his delusions and want to have a share of that unique privilege that gives them control over the fate of the Universe, or they find R.Y. Deshpande to be a useful pawn that can be used to draw a wedge into the Ashram and keep the ‘Savitri’ controversy alive so that the Ashram can be divided over this issue which is poorly understood by most (because it is extremely technical) but which can be used to evoke strong emotive and irrational reactions to manipulate masses of people.

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