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Prasad sisters’ letter to the Trustees threatening suicide



(1) JAYASHREE PRASAD                     (2) ARUNASHRI PRASAD


All residing at Ambabhikshu House, No.33, Dr. Ambedkar Street,

Kuruchikuppam, Pondicherry-605001



Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust,

“Grace Office”, No.14, Saint Gilles Street,



The Supreme Court has passed an Order dated 09.12.2014 without giving us any opportunity to present our case. This order has been passed in an interim petition while the trial in the suit has been already underway for the past 4 years and you all are trying to illegally evict us using the Supreme Court.

All of us have decided to end our lives in view of the Order dated 09.12.2014 rather than face anymore injustices, harassment and victimization, as soon as the police comes to evict us from Ambabhikshu House. We are also going to leave suicide notes naming all of you and many others concerned, all of whom are responsible for constraining us to end our lives. Our suicide notes will cause adverse repercussions on the Ashram community as a whole and most specifically on all the persons named therein.

The solution lies only with all you trustees. Today is the weekly Trust Board meeting. All of you should pass a resolution to stop the execution of the Order dated 09.12.2014 and give an undertaking to the Pondicherry Police to that effect. All of you should also give an undertaking to us stating that you are going to provide to all of us all the facilities as granted in the interim injunction petition in I.A. No.1500/2005 and forthwith issue to each of us ‘Prosperity Book’ for 2015 and restore all our facilities of medical, PED, laundry, etc. and as provided to every inmate of the Ashram, which you have illegally stopped, till the final outcome of the trial and the disposal of the pending cases. We are enclosing herewith the undertaking to be signed and given to us by all of you by 12.00 p.m. today and it is non-negotiable.

This is the last chance for all the trustees to behave with propriety, to maintain the sanctity of the Ashram, to safeguard the welfare of all its inmates and to protect the overall interest of the community.


Non-negotiable Undertaking to be given to us by the Trustees


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