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Discussions on topics that evoke strongly differing views often give rise to a mixed bag of emotions. Unfortunately, emotions of the lower kind come to the fore during such times and the discussions rapidly degenerate into a mud slinging contest. Such a degeneration happens involuntarily because of our irrational and over-reactive human natures, but it is also known to be voluntarily manufactured or provoked in order to distract the readers and muddle the issues that are being discussed.

In either case, we are certain that the majority of our distinguished and distinguishing readers are not interested in following meaningless, irrelevant or digressing exchanges that do not directly relate or contribute to the central issues that are being discussed on this blog. To spare our readers from the trouble of going through such comments, while at the same time respecting the right to freedom of expression of all our readers, we have decided to move any comment which is not closely related to the central issues that are being discussed, to the “Miscellaneous Comments'” page.

The comments that are moved to the “Miscellaneous Comments” can continue to be discussed on that page, to one’s heart’s content.

Readers of our blog who are not interested in following miscellaneous comments are invited to skip comments that are posted on that page.

We will appreciate any feedback on this policy.

– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –


  1. An Old Devotee permalink

    An Appeal from an old Devotee
    Dear Bothers/Sisters,
    Only relevant introduction about me is: I am a teacher long retired and I think myself a devotee of Sri Aurobindo and Mother for the past fifty years, if not more. I am seeking the favour of a friend to despatch this appeal to your website. I hope you will find this meaningful.
    Till 1973 my husband and I were visiting the Ashram three to four times every year. I was lucky to talk to great men from our Gujarat, Puraniji, Poel Pujalal-ji and also Shri Nirodbaran. I also talked to the disciples of the next age group such as Kireetbhai Joshi and Manoj Das-ji.
    When the Divine Mother left Her body I was very depressed. I thought no use visiting Ashram any more. My husband took ill. But something pulled me here after twenty years, when I was in deep sorrow because my husband who had first brought me to Pondicherry died.
    I found great consolation and peace here. I was surprised that the atmosphere had not changed even twenty years after the Divine Mother left Her body. I felt Her vibration beginning from Cottage Bureau Central, everywhere, at the Samadhi, in the Dining Room, in the Playground – in the bookshop, in the Agarbathi shop, etc.etc. Although I am old and frequently ill, I visit Ashram at least twice a year.
    I was here last February. I had brought with me a friend, Principal of a Women’s College, who reads the works of our Gurus. We had the misfortune to see some people enacting a Satyagraha under the Divine Mother’s balcony. My friend became curious. Though I felt very bad about it, she sat down and talked to one or two of them. This was her first visit. But she had been so deeply touched by the atmosphere in the Ashram, even in our guest house, that she clearly told them that what they were doing was suicidal. She told a woman ‘Ashramite’, “You do not know how fortunate you are to be in this place, protected by the Divine Mother. If you are here for Yoga, what is stopping you? Any outsider can see that the Ashram is meeting all your material needs so that you can fix your mind in Yoga. Why are you bothered about a book? Has the Ashram made it a compulsory text book for you?
    The ‘Ashramite’ fumbled. She was wearing an armlet bearing the words, “Cling to Truth”. My friend told her, “You can cling to Truth only inside you, not outside. Please do not proclaim to the world that you cling to Truth. The hostile forces will pounce on you.”
    She told me later that perhaps hostile forces had already preyed upon them and led them to this condition.
    As an old devotee I felt both sad and happy, sad because people can do such a wrong thing to foul the Ashram’s air, happy because a first-time visitor felt so much hurt by these people and protested against their satyagraha in a sane manner.
    Fifty years ago life in this Ashram was much austere. Food in the Dining Room was very simple. When an inmate suffered from a disease which also affected his mind, his relatives were instructed to take him away. Nobody could demand any facility from the Ashram. Today the Medicare and Dining Room service here can be the envy of any big Ashram or spiritual organisation. This I have heard from people who have seen such organisations in U.K. and U.S.A. I am astounded at the attitude of such people who call themselves devotees. Pardon me. They are like members of any ordinary organisation. But they have more freedom here.
    My friends recently showed me three to four websites and some articles. They caused me annoyance. Most of them are disgusting. Your web or blog seems to support the Ashram’s position. That is why I am writing to you. Someone has written that the presence of one fellow will poison the air of the Ashram. O God, the atmosphere charged by the Divine’s Presence can be poisoned by one fellow or a book some lines of which are objectionable! It is time we take stock of our faith and devotion. Perhaps we are still like those who fear that a few floating clouds can finish off the infinite blue sky.
    In my own state some people are spreading awful lies. One instance is, Ashram is entangled in one hundred and fifty or some such number of litigations. I found out that there are less than two dozen cases and except two, the others are filed against the Ashram and the hapless Ashram had to meet them. In two cases only the Ashram has gone to the court for defending the Mother’s property.
    I could not believe my ears when I heard that somebody who had lived in the Ashram for many years has said that Govt. should appoint an Administrator for the Ashram. Will the Ashram remain an Ashram? What little I understand, rules and regulations and stiff discipline can be imposed by the Govt. Hours of work and penalty for default can be introduced as we have gone through in Govt. Establishments, but it will no more be an Ashram.
    All the senior Ashramites I knew are no more. Kireetbhai Joshi is in the Ashram hospital. Manoj Dasji was away. I could not talk to them. My humble appeal to those who are playing a negative role today is this: for we the devotees living far away, the Ashram is the last hope, the greatest solace and seat of the Divine Mother and the Supreme Master. Please, be you an ‘Ashramite’ or an outsider sitting in satyagraha – you do not know what you are doing. Have trust in the Mother. She will guide you in your spiritual progress. Hands off the Ashram.
    In my state there is a handful of men collecting signatures against the Ashram and spitting venom. At my age I cannot afford to face their wrath. Please do not announce my name. With my regards,
    An octogenarian devotee

  2. haardi permalink

    It is really sad. the way things are done in the ashram management are not in order. I ama very old devotee visitng ashram since 1948 on my birthday in march and go to masters room. in the year 2011 and 2012 i wrote to Mr manojdas 3 months in advance for permistting me to visit masters room on my birthday with my wife, son, daughter in law and grand daughter. but no response On goin to ashram i was not allowed to with my family but was told by his secretary Mdm urmilla that its not permitted and before my very dyes i saw 9 people of same family being sent, I think al of them were not born on the sameday.since theyknew some inmates.Whata it not glaring misuse of authiority , bhai bhatija wad also exists.sorry state of afairs.

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