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Jyoti Mirdha accuses the SAAT of derelection of duty

Excerpt of Letter by Jyoti Mirdha and other Members of Parliament (MPs) from: Members of Parliament Seek Clarifications from Ashram Trustees
The Board of Trustees
represented by Manoj Das Gupta, Managing Trustee
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry 605002
15th May 2012
Sub: Request for Clarifications from Trustees of Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Dear Shri Manoj Das Gupta,
2.       Peter Heehs by his letters dated 24.9.2008 and 13.10.2008 addressed to you has confirmed his a) violation of copyright, and his b) not being the Founder of the Archives. Additionally the erstwhile colleagues of Peter Heehs at the Ashram Archives by their letter dated 8.9.2008 had complained and brought to your notice the theft of the Ashram’s intellectual property. Late Shri Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya vide his letter dated 5.8.2009 had listed numerous and serious criminal lapses of Peter Heehs in the publication of this book.
                                In spite of the above, we find that you have initiated no legal or criminal actions against the author nor against the publisher Columbia University Press in order to safeguard the intellectual property assets of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.
                Please explain this apparent dereliction of duty as the assets of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram belong to the Beneficiaries in particular and the public at large and one individual cannot be permitted to gain financially at the cost of the institution.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Jyoti Mirdha and other MPs
Signatures of 68 Members of Parliament


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  1. Punam Chauham permalink

    Jyoti Mirdha was not selected, like other medical students, through the Rajasthan Pre-Medical Test, which is an academically rigorous entrance exam with a high rejection rate. Thanks to her family’s political influence, she was nominated as a State Candidate through the Governor’s quota for the states of Manipur and Mizoram. This is strange, because she was never at any time in her life a resident of either state. There are no medical institutes in those small and remote states, so a few precious seats are reserved to be allotted at the discretion of the State Governor to worthy young state residents, on the undertaking that upon completion of their medical education, they will return to these states and provide essential medical services to their citizens.
    This last bit, of providing medical services to those remote and underserved states, Jyoti Mirdha Gehlaut has never done. Indeed, she has never practiced medicine at all, and the reason lies in the second controversy to blight her medical ambitions. Not content with an MBBS degree (where her academic performance was below average), she aspired for post-graduate medical studies, and, to the surprise of the naïve, got selected. Unfortunately, a scam was exposed in the newspapers, which may or may not have been the handiwork, as the family claimed, of their political opponents. Be that what it may, the Rajasthan High Court, after a detailed inquiry, cancelled the selections of thirty selected candidates, including Jyoti. These thirty candidates had unexpectedly secured the first thirty ranks in the 1997 Rajasthan Pre-PG Medical Examination, never having performed with such brilliance in their MBBS studies. The High Court inquiry found that they had individually (separately, with no knowledge of each other) obtained the question paper a day before the exam by paying money to a clerical staff member of the examination center, in other words a “leak” had occurred.
    Following this disaster, Jyoti has made no attempt to practice medicine. She even contemplated doing a fashion/interior designing course, but not medical practice. In India, every medical graduate has to be registered with the Medical Council of India before they practice medicine. For those who have received their medical degrees from accredited Indian colleges, this registration is usually a formality. In Jyoti’s case, the High Court judgment may have been a spoiler. It is not definitely known whether she applied for registration or not, and if so, whether she received a refusal or not, but the fact is that she has never practiced medicine.
    more interested in helping her husband and brother-in-law to pull the necessary political contacts and networks and make money on an unprecedented scale and playing active politics in her Grandfather’s “Jat jagir”. She was elected to 15th Lok Sabha from Nagaur

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