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Copy of signatures of anti-Ashram MPs

Jyoti Mirdha’s signature can be seen right on top (1st row, second box). Moreover the box bearing her signature has her name printed on it and is also the only one having the text “Yours Sincerely.” This points to the fact that Jyoti Mirdha printed the letter along with the signature form and also coordinated the entire signature campaign against the Ashram. This is also further corroborated by the fact that a large proportion of the MPs who signed that petition and whose names can be deciphered are MPs from Rajasthan, the same state from which she has been elected and to which she belongs, and are also all from the same political party. There is no doubt that Jyoti Mirdha has played an active role in trying to politicize Ashram’s internal affairs and encourage parliamentarians to cause interference and influence decision-making in the Ashram. Her actions can be considered to be hostile towards the Ashram.

Signatures of 67 anti-Ashram MPs

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