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Copy of email asking the “General Editor” to reproduce entire correspondence between Kittu Reddy & Co and Manoj Das Gupta and the SAAT

From: [] On Behalf Of [name concealed]
Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2013 8:02 PM
Subject: [SAICE Alumni] Kittu Reddy’s letter and Ashram’s response



Hello friends,


Happy new year! Recently, on 28th December 2012, the infamous website had posted a letter dated 28.05.2010 which was claimed to have been written by Kittu Reddy, Ranganath, and (late) Sumita Khandpal, to the Managing Trustee of the Ashram.


As we have (almost) all learned by now, when discussing an issue it is always good to look at all viewpoints to judge the matter for ourselves. We think we have also seen the danger of not standing up to the spreading of misinformation these last few years. Therefore we took the trouble to obtain copies of both the letter written by Kittu Reddy and co., as also the reply of the Managing Trustee. We have found the correspondence quite revealing.


Since Sraddhalu’s website claims to be “committed to objective[!], academic[!!], respectful[!!!] and honest[!!????!!] discussions”,we sent them an email asking them to also post the Trust’s reply as that would be truly honest and fair. Repeated emails have gone in vain, and till date they have neither replied to us, nor posted the Ashram’s reply which we sent to them.


We are hoping that at least someone here will be able to help: We are attaching the Ashram’s reply in this mail and have given links to the annexures with a request to anyone who might be associated with Sraddhalu’s website to press upon the editor(s) to post the Ashram’s reply to Kittu Reddy and co’s letter, only in the interest of fairness and propriety.


We hope at least some one on this forum might be able to help us with this.


Thank you and best wishes,


[Names concealed to respect privacy of authors]

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