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An Appeal to all the Children of Mother and Sri Aurobindo ― Dr Gayatri

Aug 30, 2013

As devotees and disciples of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and practitioners of the Integral Yoga, we have one important prerequisite condition: faith in their Teaching. With this conviction I start with a quote from the Mother:
“My point of view is this, that anything written by a sadhak about Sri Aurobindo which brings him down to an ordinary level and admits the reader to a sort of gossiping familiarity with him is an unfaithfulness to Him and His work.”
[MCW, Vol. 13, p.27]
So the book The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs is in the Mother’s view an act of unfaithfulness to Sri Aurobindo and His work. If we consider the Mother as the head of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the Trustees of His Ashram and the supporters of the book have deliberately ignored Her point of view showing utter disregard to Her. By supporting and promoting the author of the book, they have become unfaithful to Sri Aurobindo and His work. This is no doubt a grave problem. The Trustees avoided the problem by maintaining a fake “dignified silence” in front, but went on supporting the author and dishonoured the court verdict. All the senior sadhaks and sadhikas of the Ashram remain plunged in their “sadhana” of tamasic surrender and so-called “absolute faith” in the Mother. Five long years were given to them to take a conscious decision. Alas, nothing disturbed their routine! They did not take the trouble to brood over what the Mother meant by the New Year message of 1967:
“Men, countries, continents! The choice is imperative: Truth or the abyss.”
[MCW, Vol. 15, p.175]
But recently, all of a sudden, their “faith” was shaken and a few sadhaks and sadhikas of Sri Aurobindo Ashram woke up from their slumber and rushed to an MLA’s house late in the evening to challenge his faithfulness to Sri Aurobindo! I ask the rule makers of the Ashram whether show-cause notices have been issued to these people for breaking the Ashram rules? Or are the rules only for those who refuse to get admitted to the council of the Trustees’ sycophants?
Can I ask the ex-students, teachers and captains of the SAICE the meaning of the student’s prayer given by the Mother in 1952?
Make of us the hero warriors we aspire to become. May we fight successfully the great battle of the future that is to be born, against the past that seeks to endure; so that the new things may manifest and we may be ready to receive them.

[MCW, Vol. 12, p. 112]
I think, this is the great battle of the future we are facing now, for which She wants Her children to be hero-warriors to fight the obscurity, ignorance, falsehood of the old creation, and to prepare the ground for the Truth to manifest. It is a great tragedy that some of Her children are only fighting to hide the truth and are clinging to falsehood!
Let us do a little brain storming on why the Ashram is facing the problem today and why Government interference is indispensable:
1. The Trustees supported the denigration of Sri Aurobindo in His own Ashram. Sri Aurobindo is a national figure. So in the interest of the nation, Sri Aurobindo and His work have to be protected from the hands of the traitors of this country.
2.  When the whole country is raising its voice against sexual harassment, our Trustees are helping and protecting the culprits of these crimes.
3.  Dishonest persons are kept as departmental heads by the Trustees to get their support in the present crisis.
4.     There are serious violations of human rights:
  • a)     Food and medical facilities to the inmates are refused to those who stand against the Trustees’ malpractices.
  • b)     The Trustees are using the local police to frighten the inmates with the threat of arrest even inside the Ashram Dining Room.
  • c)     There is no equal treatment to all the inmates. Some privileged people get luxurious houses and vehicles because they support the crimes of the Trustees, while others live in great hardship.
5.     There is no transparency in financial dealings. With or without RTI, the inmates have every right to know about financial transactions in the running of the Ashram, but they are never shown any accounts.
6.  Till date the Ashram has not been able to build a self-sufficient medical unit for its inmates.
Consider the way the Ashram’s resources are being spent. Can anyone believe that the Ashram Trust does not have money to supply packets of health drink to its inmates when they are in need, and it cannot spend money on medical investigation and proper diagnosis in order to provide the right treatment to its inmates? If at all the Ashram is going through a financial crisis, then how is it that so many court cases are being fought with the most expensive lawyers to merely protect the egos of the Trustees under the pretext of saving the Ashram?
The Trustees have been spreading the rumour that a section of the inmates are fighting with them for gaining power. But these inmates are ready to sign a legal bond stating that they will never in their lifetime claim any position of power in the Ashram if the Trustees quit their chairs and assume the status of common inmates!  
One should not confuse fighting against the misdeeds of the Trustees with fighting against the Ashram. The Sri Aurobindo Ashram is the Creation of the Supreme. The Mother is the Presiding Conscious-Force, guiding and leading it towards the New Creation. It existed before the present inmates of the Ashram, and will continue to exist after them. The Mother came upon the earth to establish the Truth-Consciousness which will help to transform life. If human beings do not collaborate, She will get Her work done through crashing circumstances. Let us remove the mask of self-deception, try to be honest to our inner-self, and ask ourselves sincerely the question: “Does the present condition of the Ashram satisfy the requirements of the New Creation?” Are we following the words of the Mother:
“the Ashram is not meant for those who seek the satisfaction of their vital or sentimental desires, but for those who aspire to perfect their consecration to the Divine.”
[MCW, Vol.13, p.121]
“The Ashram is meant for Yoga, not for musical entertainment or other social activities.”
[MCW, Vol.13, p.120]
The Mother is surely observing what Her children are doing and how they are distorting Her work. Has spirituality been given a new definition? As spirituality is beyond morality, should one indulge in immoral lower vital activities? If this example of new spirituality is shown to the whole world, then the mission of the dual Avatars will certainly fail. Do you think that the Mother will accept Her failure? Again She says:
“You must use everything for the purpose which it is given, otherwise you commit a crime. I am not speaking merely of physical things. All inner things that I am giving you all the time, all the strength, light, energy and life that are being poured into you all the time, are meant for the service of the Divine, for the sake of transforming you. If you use them for any other purpose you are a robber and your crime is the worst possible.”
[MCW, Vol.13, p.188]
So each one of us is a criminal to the extent we misuse what the Mother has given us, and is consequently responsible for the incoming blows. And blows are inevitable as this is the “Hour of God”, and the hour of the unexpected!
Dr.  Gayatri
21 August 2013
Posted by General Editor at 8/30/2013 09:48:00 AM
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  1. Raghavan permalink

    Dear Dr.Gayatri

    At the outset and after reading your letter, it breathes only negativity and personal vendetta on the Ashram Trust and its inmates without showing a shred of evidence that decisions are being taken by the Trust on malafide basis This is terribly wrong and no sadhak will write on even stoop to such terms .Also it is not clear what you are telling as you are mixing too many issues .
    While being a doctor, you seem to have no peace in you and the letter clearly betrays confusion ,dissatisfaction and grouses , based on which you can’t technically treat patients properly .

    I gather that you take special care in sending messages to guest houses for taking special care of your group. You have now abdicated your responsibilities in taking care of inmates in nursing home to simply take on the trust for your personal issues and are now teaching how they should discharge their responsibilities.This is unacceptable

    What is the work you are doing apart from inciting other people to join you under the garb of The Divine Mother. Are you the embodiment of self less worker .. You have just built a name using Ashram connections and now are not discharging your primary responsibilities . Instead of that you are perpetually finding fault with the functioning of Ashram and asking Govt to intervene now.This is absolutely Asuric on your part to even think of such a looks as though the Devil seems to have entered you.

    You were a nobody when you came … Nobody asked you to come . You started treating patients …created a captive group which could listen to you and then started creating disharmony among inmates based on what you feel is right . That is none of your business . You are now expressing your frustrations in a public forum and not doing your sacred work for which you were tasked .

    Even now nobody is asking you to stay and you are free to move on and the World can easily accommodate you and you can move on with dignity rather than consistently decrying the Ashram and fomenting mischief . I am sure with your credentials you start your practice and make a great success with your personality and leave others to work in peace even in pondicherry ..come to samadhi and do a sadhana quietly without troubling other sadhaks.( why are you in the ashram still and still spreading unhappiness).you don’t have to be a ill-willed spokesperson to do integral yoga .

    The room you are staying was given graciously by Dr Dilip Dutta to you for which you are not grateful till date and now you are spreading poison against him.

    You have been quoting so much but doing nothing …. Have you forgotten what Mother has written ..” Do you want to change what the creator is doing ” which you have conveniently forgotten .

    Lastly as a well wisher .. Request you to consult some top psychiatrist and spend sufficient time to recover your balance of mind….while there is still time for you.

    This is not a personal battle and it gives me no pleasure to write this apart from the compelling sense of a need of not letting the well wishers of the ashram buy into your specious analysis.

    Best wishes.

  2. Dr. Nirvay permalink

    This is a common law of natute that one can not satisfy everybody.We all are imperfect on different different aspects. If the current trustees are weak on certain issues then the new will be weak on different issues. How this brilliant doctor has failed to understand this simple fact ? To fight with injustice, corruption, misdeeds in an outer plain, we have politics, social service, NGOs. Etc. Ashram is not the place for that. Needless to say, if we don’t have any faith in the future of humanity and we only look and buzz on the present then certainly we are not doing the minimum right thing in this ashram. To prepare ourself for that glorious future what the best we can do in this ashram  are not dharnas, posture and court wars  or something like that. It must be a completely inward work. All bads can be turned to goods if we are sincerely committed to our soul. A sorrow can be a reminder not to be detached in anyway from eternal happiness. An anger can be a guide not to allow our peace to be disturbed. I hope it is not very difficult to understand for all Sri Aurobindians.


  3. seema permalink

    Raghavan and Nirvay,
    I would not like to deal with all the allegations made by Dr. Gayatri but would just deal with her allegation regarding the derogatory book written by Peter.
    You are all aware that the Hon’ble High Court of Orissa at Cuttack had proscribed the book in India as the High Court found it to be defamatory and insulting to Sri Aurobindo. Now a person who writes books that are insulting to Sri Aurobindo should not allowed to continue in the Ashram. The Trustees have gone out of their way to protect Mr. Peter. Their actions therefore not only arouses suspicion but also smacks of being anti Ashram..
    A proper analysis of the omission and commission of the trustees would reveal that it is the Trustees themselves who are anti Ashram and are against the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. The Trustees seem to be possessed by some demonic forces, and hence it is the responsibility af every disciple of Sri Aurobindo to have the Trustees thrown out.

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