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Prasad sisters: Documented facts and details about their case

January 13, 2015

A well-wisher of Sri Aurobindo Ashram has sent to us a set of key documents that contain volumes of facts and details about the case of the Prasad sisters. These documents were shared with us as they had already been made available to concerned members of the public in the days that followed the misinformed, malicious and unfortunate violent attacks against the Ashram that the Prasad sisters had deliberately triggered.

Bits and pieces of the information that are contained in these documents have already been made public by various agencies such as the press and through other channels. But the sheer scale of utter dishonesty and malicious perversion of the Prasad sisters can only be appreciated by reading through these voluminous documents.

As these documents are considerably lengthy we shall also be trying to summarize them and highlight key revelations in subsequent posts. There are so many incidents that point to the clear culpability of the Prasad sisters that we once again share the recent observation of Government officials who found the actions of the Prasad sisters literally “beyond belief.”

By clicking on the links below the relevant documents can be viewed and downloaded:

1) Report of Equiry conducted by the High Court of Chennai – This enquiry report dated October 2002 substantiates Hemlata Prasad’s gross act of misconduct and indiscipline and justifies the action taken against her by the S.A. Ashram Trust.

2) Judgement of the Judicial Magistrate, Pondicherry – This judgement dated November 2004 substantiates that Hemlata Prasad’s charges of having been defamed and of having also been harassed and sexually assaulted are not only baseless but are full of contradictions and therefore made with mischievous intent.

3) Report of the Fact Finding Enquiry Officer A.V. Nagarajan (Government of Pondicherry) This enquiry report dated January 2005 substantiates that the complaints filed by the Prasad sisters against several members of the Ashram who lived in the same apartment block were false, malicious and motivated. Moreover, the complaints against the Prasad sisters filed by numerous other members of the Ashram and co-residents of the same apartment block were true and serious. The report concludes and clearly establishes that “the undesirable demeanour of the five sisters [renders] them unsuitable for being inmates of the Ashram.”

4) News report dated Jan 2005 of the enquiry conducted by the National Commission for Women (NCW) looking into the  allegations of sexual harassment made by the Prasad sisters. As the NCW did not submit a copy of its report to the Ashram, it is not available. But the independent news report clearly states that the allegation made by the Prasad sisters are false, that there “appears to be malicious planning behind the complaints.”

5) Enquiry Report of the National Human Right Commission, New Delhi – This enquiry report dated June 2005 substantiates that the complaints filed by Arunashri Prasad  against several members of the Ashram are completely baseless and there is no ground for any human rights violation in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

6) Order of the Madras High Court dated June 2010 ordering the Prasad sisters to find accomodation outside of the Ashram premises.

7) Another Order of the Madras High Court dated August 2012 ordering the Prasad sisters to find any accomodation outside of the Ashram premises.

8) Order of the Supreme Court dated April 2014 ordering the Prasad sisters to vacate their premises and the Ashram by 31st July, 2014. This order was issued after the Prasad sisters challenged the High Court’s order of August 2012. It is here that the Prasad sisters hired India’s topmost law firm in a final, desperate attempt to win their case against the Ashram. Considering that all along the Prasad sisters stated that their financial position was weak, someone or some people must have bet heavily on this case against the Ashram, putting all the resources required to try find the Ashram at fault, by hook or crook. The order shows that the Ashram prevailed.

9) Affidavits of undertakings dated May 2014, signed by all the Prasad sisters assuring the courts and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram that they shall vacate their premises in the Ashram by 31st July as ordered by the Supreme Court.

10) Order of the Supreme Court dated December 2014 issuing an arrest warrant for the Prasad sisters for their contempt of court, for not having vacated their premises in the Ashram as agreed by them in their sworn affidavit of undertaking.

11) The letter to the Trustees dated 15th December 2014 containing the Prasad sisters’ threat to commit suicide. This letter also contains a premeditated threat of a) holding all those people whom they would name in a suicide note responsible for their death, b) causing adverse repercussions against the Ashram in the event of their death.

12) Ashram Trust’s letter to the Superintendent of Police dated 15th December 2014 informing the Police of the Prasad sisters’ suicide threat and asking the police to take all precautions to protect the sisters from causing any harm to themselves and others.


All of these documents and the incidents described therein, clearly show that the Prasad sisters were abusing the legal system and official machinery to prolong their unjustified and undesirable stay in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram for as long as they possibly could. All of the above facts and details as well as the recent events that have resulted in violent attacks against the Ashram unambiguously show that if the Prasad sisters are deeply devoted to something, it is entirely to making as much trouble as is humanly possible, both in their life as well as in their death.


– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –



  1. anon permalink

    “…if the Prasad sisters are deeply devoted to something, it is entirely to making as much trouble as is humanly possible, both in their life as well as in their death.”

    To be able to make so much trouble for so many years and to make sure that there is trouble also after their death is only possible if the sisters are driven by an inhuman force.

  2. Chetan permalink

    Belliappa inflated the belly. How appropriate

    • anon permalink

      It is funny indeed, but in reality it isn’t Belliappa who inflated her belly. Other facts have determined that Belliappa could not have been the father. Question is who is then the father and how come he isn’t being named by the inflated sister? Or would that show that the inflated sister herself isn’t sure who inflated her?

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