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Prasad sisters: “Beyond Belief”

January 5, 2015

“Beyond belief” is how the officials who have recently been dealing with the Prasad sisters, have described these siblings and their actions. The dismay of these officials is not borne out of appreciation or elation, but purely out of despair. The officials who are now struggling to deal with the Prasad sisters are only getting a taste of what the Ashram has had to endure for more than the last decade.

Those who have been witness to the entire saga of the Prasad sisters have and still watch the actions of these sisters that even today are “beyond belief.” We present some of the many instances that many have found to be unbelievable.

For years, the Prasad sisters alleged that they were being sexually harassed, physically threatened and victimized in the Ashram. However, when the courts, that the sisters themselves had approached, asked them to relocate in a place of their choice that they felt was safe, outside of the Ashram, the Prasad sisters refused to budge and instead insisted on staying put in the very same place in which they alleged that they were most unsafe. It also turns out that they were willing to die in order to keep living in the place that they alleged was most unsafe for them! Such contradictory logic and behavior is incomprehensible and “beyond belief.”

The Prasad sisters were the ones to approach the courts against the Ashram. They were the ones who moved the Supreme Court challenging the Chennai High Court’s order against them. The Prasad sisters also hired the country’s topmost law firm. And while they financed (directly or through sponsors) a legal battle that spanned more than 12 years, everyone was taken aback when they suddenly publicly claimed that they had not enough financial resources to travel to New Delhi to appear in court when it  became clear that things were not going in their favor. It is certain that it isn’t only the judges who found this story to be “beyond belief.”

Many of those who have been directly or indirectly victims of the Prasad sisters have witnessed  “beyond belief” their perverse machinations. But nothing really compares with their most malicious design and intention to inflict as much damage as possible to the Ashram and its members by threatening to end their lives in a bid to commit mass suicide in order to “cause adverse repercussions on the Ashram community as a whole and most specifically on all the persons named” by them. Such malicious and perverse intentions to cause widespread harm has seldom been witnessed by anyone and has made even disinterested government officials conclude that this is just “beyond belief.”

It is no wonder that psychiatric care as reported in the article below is now finally being recommended to the remaining sisters of the Prasad family. Now that the matter has come into the hands of the appropriate officials, the truth has come out that dealings with the Prasad sisters are typically in realms that are “beyond belief”! It is hoped that the sisters will now find their deserved place where their custodians are typically used to people who are in the habit of creating trouble of the type that is “beyond belief.”

But while the Prasad sisters occupy center stage it is not surprising to find that not too far behind the sisters are other anti-Ashram elements like Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade, R.Y. Deshpande and their ilk who are also starting to gain the notorious distinction of achieving an anti-Ashram obsession that is equally “beyond belief.” For while they go around blowing their trumpets, claiming to be protectors of the image of Sri Aurobindo and his Ashram, they revel, gloat and try to profit from every instance that the Ashram is attacked, abused and victimized. Such hypocrisy is also “beyond belief.”


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Options to rehabilitate surviving sisters explored

PUDUCHERRY, December 29, 2014


The government is exploring various options to provide housing for the three sisters and their father who survived a suicide attempt after being evicted from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

Among the proposals that cropped up at meetings with stakeholders were to put the family under the care of a women’s welfare organisation, an NGO-run home or a rented house.

Chief Minister N. Rangasamy is said to have offered help in arranging housing and the Ashram has reiterated its readiness to offer monthly assistance.

However, before finalising on an alternative accommodation for the three sisters and their father — the immediate task seems to be extending counselling assistance, most likely at Nimhans (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences) in Bangalore.

“Though a few viable suggestions and offers for help cropped up, the priority now is to offer them some expert psychiatric assistance. These are persons who tried to end their lives so we need to wean them away from this unfortunate ideation,” a top government official said.

“What they seem to require is fortifying of the mind … they need to be evaluated by experts. Only after they become mentally strong enough to cope with life on their own would we be able to lodge them in an independent house,” he added.

While there has been criticism against the police for having left the sisters and parents unmonitored the night after they were removed from the Ashram-run Ambabhikshu apartments based on a Supreme Court directive, officials aver that what happened — the entire family attempting suicide in which two sisters and the mother were drowned — was “extremely rare and unexpected.” The officials stand by their decision pointing out that given the acute distress in which the five sisters were after being evicted, sheltering them with their parents was certainly the soundest thing to have been done, though what transpired was beyond belief. The thinking now is that only after the family is determined by an expert psychiatric evaluation to have overcome the crisis, they can be left to deal with life on their own.



– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –

One Comment
  1. anon permalink

    The whole story surrounding the alleged attempt to commit suicide and the subsequent allegation of rape is also “beyond belief.”
    According to news reports of Hemlata Prasad’s statements of the incident, on the night of the alleged attempt to suicide, Hemlata Prasad had successfully drowned herself. But miraculously, after having drowned herself, she got washed upon the sea shore. People who know swimming and are fully conscious have drowned in the sea when they were unable to swim out. How is it just possible that Hemlata Prasad successfully drowned herself, became unconscious and yet survived the extremely rough seas during those days?
    Hemlata then claims that she was raped while she was lying unconscious on the beach. If she was unconscious how did she know that she was being raped?
    She then claims that after she was raped she crawled on the beach for a kilometer towards her father and sister who had survived. Anyone who survives a drowning incident and then a rape will not be in a position to crawl for a kilometer. Logically, after having survived a drowning and rape she would have crawled to the closest house on the beach asking for help.
    Also, how could Hemlata know where her father and sister were on the shore for her to crawl towards them? According to her knowledge they would have all died so how could she know where they were?
    The fishermen that were rounded up were allegedly identified from CCTV footage. Which CCTV footage could have been able to capture the images of some fisherman in the distance, that too in the middle of the night? Even if this happened at dawn, the sea being on the East, all the CCTV camera could have captured would have been silhouettes of people because the sunlight was behind the fishermen in relation to the CCTV. Also, which CCTV camera located right on the beach side would have a clear lens after all the salty mist that deposits on everything that is close to the seashore? During the days when Hemlata allegedly attempted suicide the sea was very rough and it was very windy. People wearing ordinary glasses on the beach need to clean their glasses every 30 minutes when exposed to the salty mist. CCTV camera lenses cannnot be clean on the sea shore.
    There are so many other details that just don’t make any sense. This entire episode is just “beyond belief”! Or, we must just accept that when it concerns the Prasad sisters, we should just expect the impossible.

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