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FURTHER FACTUAL ANALYSIS – The Episode of the Prasad Sisters

December 30, 2014
  1. The Prasad Sisters when they approached the Court of Law for redress of their grievance they had willingly opted for bringing the matter in the Jurisdiction of the legal authority and had implicitly agreed to abide by the Court Verdicts. Thus they on their own had removed this matter from the purview of the Ashram. Then they fully exercised the option available to them to approach a higher court, if not satisfied by the verdict of a lower court and at last presented the matter before the Highest Court of the Country for adjudication through the best of the available legal experts. However since the Court Verdict was not to their liking they chose to dishonor their commitment.
  2. The Ashram too had agreed to abide by the Court Verdicts on joining this matter as a party. However, since it honored its commitment the only option available to the Supreme Court was to depute the Police to execute its order and in the exercise of this option Police did its job. Then, the Ashram had not to play and did not play any role and was completely out of the picture in the entire eviction episode. Thus, there had remained no reasonable ground for any type of protest against the Ashram.
  3. Moreover the Courts of Law from the lowest to the Highest in the country and even the statutory bodies of the stature of National Commission of Women and that of the Human Rights after hearing them, also their advocates fully and after thorough and impartial probe in the matter each one of these authorities found no substance in their grievance. It is a clear indication of these grievances being concocted and of their motive being malicious. Moreover, no flaw was shown by them, at any stage, in the legal process or any ground to doubt the integrity of the Judiciary. Hence, there was no ground to uphold their view that justice was not done and the Court verdict was illegal.
  4. In light of this background their non-compliance of the verdicts of the Courts one after another only revealed their stance of habitual defiance through fabricated allegations which had crossed the limits of even civility. It is also indicative of their attitude that they would make hell of the life around if it did not revolve around their whims. As a consequence of this attitude it was the Ashram and the score of its inmates there that had suffered their eccentricities for such a long period. Thus it was confirmed by the legal process initiated by them only and carried to its logical culmination that it was a matter not of their grievance against the Ashram but that of the Ashram against them. It goes to the credit of the Ashram, especially its Trustees that they maintained equanimity even under totally hostile circumstances of the rare of the rarest type.
  5. The fact that these poor girls who claim to have no property of their own and were solely dependent on the facilities provided by the Ashram could approach the Court of Law and carry on their fight against the Ashram up to the Supreme Court and then could avail of the costliest legal assistance at different levels while incurring ancillary expenses, all beyond their known means, indicates that there were persons or agencies instigating and supporting them all throughout evidently to upset the working of the Ashram. It was undoubtedly a hostile force that was not happy with the mission that is undertaken by the Mother and is interested in its failure. Might be the property and prestige of the Ashram was an alluring feature that had prompted some of them to establish their hold on the Ashram, by means fair or foul.
  6. It appears that some of the learned friends from the Ashram who profess to be the devotees of the Mother and propagators of Her message had joined hands with this hostile force and had become its tools as these sisters had become their tools whom they fully supported all throughout. However, none of them stood by these sisters in their hour of crisis when their very survival was at stake on their eviction from the Ashram by the Police. Thus they were left to their fate with the only available alternative of committing suicide. Actually it was their sympathizers who had capitalized their pseudo- grievances had pushed them to take an extreme step of suicide by leaving them in lurch on realizing that they were no more useful. It is the basic characteristic of the dark forces which uses people for their own purpose and throws them off after squeezing them fully when their utility is exhausted.
  7. These friends identified themselves with this hostile force and endeavored to build inroads for its intrusion in the Ashram and worked out its dual strategy of weakening the Ashram from within and then arranging for the attack from outside. It might be even the grossly violent attack of which the Ashram had the taste in the recent past when a section of hooligans staged protest against it in the aftermath of the suicide bid of these sisters.
  8. These friends chose to operate under the cover of the Ashram by exploiting the prestige and position that they had acquired in society because of their being attached to the Ashram. They misused even the significant आदेश of the Mother: “Cling to Truth” and proclaimed that they were striving to protect Her mission. This stance besides providing them a कवच – a protective cover, had facilitated their drive to seek support of the public at large and especially of the Devotees who entertain a very high regard for the Mother; also for Her words.
  9. However, the indiscriminate use of the unfair means by these overzealous personalities in their impatience to obtain speedy results became counter-productive and exposed their mala fide intentions while degrading their being to the category of miscreants. The means that they used like organizing public demonstrations through hired crowd, ugly propaganda drive by fabricating unimaginable falsehood and character assassination, also through repulsive posters besides initiating a series of baseless legal proceedings, direct and through proxy, which are usually employed by the dishonest political and social activists are certainly not in consonance with the fair practices in public life, much less with the teachings of the Mother. Moreover, their bid to seek favor of the unscrupulous politicians and business tycoons, who had their own axe to grind, for obtaining much needed financial assistance and political patronage turned out to be a greater blow to their prestige. Finally the outcome of the episode of these five sisters shattered the remnants of their credentials. In this context I suppose that the reason for which these sisters had to leave the Ashram holds good for these friends also.
  10. Still it is the hour of crisis for our Ashram in which we look to the Mother for help and guidance and She out of Her Grace would certainly do the needful. But as we know, Her force operates through those who invoke it and their corresponding action facilitates its operation. Hence those who love Her and Her work in the world and especially in our Ashram have not only to stand by it but also to make known their solidarity with the Ashram, and reiterate their Trust in the Ashram and the Ashram Trust, it being an integral part of the Ashram. In this context, the appeal of Raghvan is quite appropriate and timely and deserves our wholehearted response.
  11. In this connection I might refer to a minor point in the appeal regarding punishing all those who have indulged in mudslinging, tarnishing the Ashram reputation’. There is no dispute regarding the misdemeanour of these mudslingers which had injured Ashram’s interest considerably. However we as the children of the Mother have to desire to protect its interest only and in this process if someone is punished it would be incidental and not intentional. This subtle distinction is important because we Her children would not like to entertain vengeance against any one or subscribe to the idea of ‘tit for tat’ and say that as you had harmed me I would harm you. Even the Law is enacted for the purpose of maintaining order in the society and in this course if a person is punished it is incidental and not intentional. Thus in order to ward off the possibility of entertaining vengeance which is related to Lower consciousness, we have to aim only at the positive aspect of the matter. Even the Bhagavadgita which enjoins to Arjun to fight, it means to fight without getting agitated – युध्यस्व विगतज्वरः. Thus, our intention would be to protect the interest of our Ashram and to do all that is required of us.


-Govardhan Dave

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