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December 27, 2014

The following piece had been written by a senior member of the Ashram. As this piece has been widely circulated by email we are taking the liberty of reproducing it here for the benefit of the larger community, albeit without his explicit permission. We are also not mentioning the name of the author until we have a consent to do so.

I find the accusations levelled against our Trustees to be most unfair. For more than ten years they have been dragged by the Prasad family into a legal battle, and the accusations made against them and many members of our community have repeatedly been proved completely false. Who has harassed whom? Under those circumstances, the trustees and our community as a whole have shown extraordinary patience and tolerance.  In spite of all the ill-saying and ill-doing never have the five sisters been denied food and accommodation –  until the legal case came to a close with the verdict, not of the Trustees, but of the Supreme Court.  They chose the Legal Way. Why did they not accept the Legal Verdict?

We all know that life is not such an easy matter to deal with. One part of us wants something, while another wants just the opposite. One part sees mostly the dark side of life, while another marvels at the miracle the Earth is. Sadly, the Prasad sisters tended to see more and more the dark side of their life here, and they ended in the dark. But why drag into this obscurity those who wish to live in the light?

To those who feel so unhappy here, so bitter, so negative, the world has still many wonderful things to offer. Instead of harming the life of others, and in the end their own, instead of wasting their lives in destructive criticism, the sisters could have gathered their self-respect and courage and begin a new life, build something, whatever it may be : a farm, a school, why not the ideal ashram of their dreams! The earth is vast, and there are countless opportunities to serve the Future. And Mother India. And Mother Earth.

It is perilous  to lead a double life. But when it comes to such a dead-end, one can still show some dignity, courage and sincerity before it is too late. Otherwise, the options are few:  self-destruction or self-surrender to the Grace. If one chooses the latter, then life itself will give all the answers, solve all problems heal all wounds, even the deepest sorrows and disillusions. Justice will be embraced by love.

The present tragedy should be an eye-opener: are we willing to help build a better tomorrow or bent on tearing the brand new fabric that the rapidly changing present is weaving around us, or are we going to remain indifferent witnesses of the ongoing crisis, or transformation, as we wish to call it?

This Ashram is the creation of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. We have complete faith in them. Only the Divine can end what the Divine has created. Let us unite in the real battle: the fight against the violence and destruction that is going on in the world, from the Near and Far East and West and North and South to our doorsteps. Instead of focusing on what we could destroy, let us focus on what we could contribute, help restore or create anew. At each step, that should be our guiding light in the darkness brooding over the world.

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