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Ashram informs about the Prasad Sisters

December 21, 2014

Those within the Sri Aurobindo Ashram who had to directly or indirectly deal with the Prasad sisters and their senseless agitation for the last 14 years have witnessed from close quarters the complete unreasonable folly as well as the unimaginably dirty tricks that were being vindictively played by these sisters in their relentless attempts to bring disrepute to the Ashram and cause it harm.

Until now, some of those who were not familiar with the completely unreasonable, unjustified and unfair actions of the Prasad sisters, may have given some benefit of the doubt to the Prasad sisters. In fact, an uninformed observer may even be led to believe that if the Prasad sisters took the extreme step of attempting to commit suicide (which was in part unsuccessful), there might be some validity to their story.

But after the Prasad sisters publicly demonstrated their complete and unjustified anarchism by holding the Supreme Court of India, the Puducherry Police, the Puducherry administration and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram to ransom and went to the extremes of executing their premeditated suicidal plans to cause as much damage to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram it became crystal clear that we were not dealing with normal people when it came to the Prasad sisters.

When the Prasad sisters announced their suicide mission to cause as much damage to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and threateningly spelled out that their “…suicide notes will cause adverse repercussions on the Ashram community as a whole…” they had sealed their fate.

To quote one of our readers who wished to maintain anonimity:

“To use one’s life and the threat of suicide to harm the life of others is one of the worst forms of terrorism. The attempt to commit suicide (which was in part successful as well as a failure) designed to cause harm to the Ashram and some of its inmates, has very little difference from the cowardly acts of terrorism inflicted by suicidal extremists. Despite the tragedy and personal loss for those committing such irresponsible and ruthless acts, such a behaviour cannot be condoned or justified.

Such an act of ‘terrorism’ against the Ashram assumes an even larger dimension as any attack against the Ashram constitutes an attack against the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. To be willing to use one’s life to cause injury to Their work only shows to what extent the attackers were possessed by forces that were willing to destroy everything.

Whether the sisters have made themselves willing instruments of such destructive forces or whether they were lured [by anti-Ashram elements] into such a situation is something that should be known.”

We therefore invite all our readers to see and hear for themselves the information that the Ashram has now shared publicly.


Ashram informs about the Prasad sisters


– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –

  1. anthony permalink

    You guys lie out of your teeth…Amazing self realization and conscience you got…

    • Dear Anthony,
      If you think that we are lying, then you must also think that the lower, higher and Supreme court as well as the various commissions for women and human rights, the inquiry officers and many members of the Ashram must also all be lying. But let us set aside for a moment all the allegations of sexual harassment claimed by the sisters which neither you nor us can know for sure except to rely on what the courts and other authorities have concluded. Let us base our assessment on facts that cannot be disputed. If you think that the Prasad sisters are so truthful, why is it that when the Prasad sisters find that the legal proceedings are not going in their favor, they suddenly claim that they do not have sufficient funds to travel from Puducherry to New Delhi, but they have enough resources to engage the country’s most expensive law firm? Please let us all know.

  2. anthony permalink

    Hello, I am not going to argue with you but it was just an attempt to touch your heart. We all have one..Right…Prasad sisters are far from perfect but don’t use our legal system to justify the actions in ashram. PS went beyond their limits. Two wrong doesnt make one right. Educate me – How many times PS used the most expensive firms. How come male involved with misconduct is rewarded by Ashram. They did not claim but they did commit suicide due to eviction..We have to be little bit rational ..right..otherwise this website looks like just a propaganda and ashram doesnt look like an ashram…We have too much love for the ashram. Writing unilaterally will not help for sensible people.

    • Dear Anthony,
      There is indeed no argument, because there is nothing to argue about. We only place credible information and facts in front of our readers. Occasionally, we provide some insights and we always let our readers decide. We never make up what doesn’t exist to mislead people like anti-
      ashram elements do.
      We also don’t use the legal system to justify the Ashram. The Ashram doesn’t go to court to resolve its internal problems. In this case it is the Prasad sisters who tried to use (or rather abuse) the legal system. They did not approach the court to get justice because they knew they were lying and would eventually loose. They used the legal system to try to harm the Ashram and buy time to prolong their undeserved stay in the Ashram.
      Please also note carefully that we are not in the business of pro-Ashram propaganda and have never said how great the Ashram, its trustees or its members are. Your comparison of our work with that of the anti-Ashram elements is therefore utterly misplaced and any sensible person will recognize that.
      Our heart is sensitive to tragedies and personal losses. But when someone like the Prasad sisters willingly and deliberately offer their lives to anti-Ashram elements and forces, how can they or anybody else expect to sympathize with them? It is only anti-Ashram elements who can sympathize with them.
      To conclude, we are not here to write unilaterally. There is a group of anti-Ashram elements who are attempting to destroy the Ashram. Their weapon is falsehood, lies, misinformation and any other means to attack and harm the Ashram. We merely dismantle their lies and expose their falsehood. Any sensible person, especially those who love the Ashram will recognize this.
      Thank you for your views.

  3. anthony permalink

    Also they did not allege rape..she was raped..See how insensitive and cruel your article sounds now….There is no difference between how antiashramite treats proashramites and how you are treating antiashramites..

    • The information that is available about one of the sisters who says that she was raped by fishermen is based only on media reports. News reporters also use the term “alleged” when describing this incident of rape. Given the dubious track record of the sisters who have all along falsely accused others of sexually harassing them, we believe that it is better to rely on official documents and information rather to blindly believe what the sisters have told others.

  4. Let us set aside for a moment whether or not PS protests were misguided or justified. If every thing was in the right place in the ashram, why there was room inside for disgruntlement and anti or pro elements. Why was there a conflict and what resolution mechanism has the ashram have for dissatisfaction of the inmates? Will there be smoke without fire?


    • sandeeppan permalink

      A. Ruby,
      Your arguments are a little too simplistic. There was disgruntlement in the Ashram also during Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s time. Show us one institution, organization, even family in which there is no discontent. There is no such thing as a perfect, trouble-free assemblage of human beings. That anyone should expect to have “everything in the right place” in the ashram only shows a rather shallow understanding of human behavior.
      With regards to conflict resolution in the Ashram, the institution has a track record that is more than 90 years long, something that not many institutions in the entire world can share. The Ashram is “without” gurus since 1973, more than 41 years now. Conflicts are resolved every day, at many levels.
      But when the Ashram is faced with people who are not interested in resolving their conflicts and who on the contrary thrive on conflicts, there is no possible solution. How do you deal with people like the Prasad sisters who for instance give an undertaking in court and in the police station and then just go ahead and do just the opposite? A very long rope is given to these people. Instead of using this rope to pull themselves out of their deep pit, some seem to think that it is better to use that rope to hang themselves, literally.
      You should also know that there can be lots of smoke without fire when you have people with vested interest like Sradhalu Ranade who have the skill to create hot gas and lots of stink out of almost nothing. For example, anti-ashram people keep on repeating that there are 100s of court cases against the Ashram. Recent statements from the Ashram have revealed that there are barely a dozen cases against the Ashram. Most of those have been frivolously filed by people like Sraddahlu Randae who just want to harass the Ashram. This is all just plenty of smoke with no substance, but just to confuse people like yourself to think that the fire is big.

  5. I find the posts in this site awash with opinions, views and claims. I wish to see more
    clinching facts about the activities about the so called anti ashramites. Only facts will help
    clear the smoke. A clash of opinions and views claims and counter claims discredit both


  6. Anthony permalink

    WWSAA – Lot of things you say does make sense but what about the sexual harassment or physical abuse of one of the girl and the male involved..Do you know what exactly happened ?

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