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The Enemy Within

September 18, 2014

According to reputed dictionaries, the word ‘enemy’ is defined as:

  • someone who hates another : someone who attacks or tries to harm another,
  • something that harms or threatens someone or something,
  • a group of people against whom another group is fighting,
  • one that is antagonistic to another; especially:  one seeking to injure, overthrow, or confound an opponent,
  • a hostile unit or force.

And the word ‘within’ is defined as:

  • in or into the interior
  • to the inside of

Since the year 2008 Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade, R.Y. Deshpande and other anti-Ashram elements have been openly and publicly:

  • hating those in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram who do not agree with them, although their hate was never provoked nor reciprocated,
  • trying to harm and threaten those individuals in the Ashram who do not agree with them, in some cases even physically,
  • fighting with fierce antagonism against the Ashram,
  • seeking to injure some members of the Ashram and trying to overthrow the management,
  • acting like a hostile force and unit.

While these anti-Ashram elements have been painstakingly and publicly portraying the Ashram as one of the worst spiritual institutions in the world – by series of deliberate actions that have cast aspersions on Sri Aurobindo, His Yoga and His Ashram – they have all along been cozily maintaining their status as members of the same Ashram that they are so publicly critical and ashamed of. Most strikingly, even the Prasad sisters who allege that they have been and continue to be sexually and physically harassed in the Ashram, insist on staying in the same place in which they allegedly feel most threatened! Despite the arrangements made by the courts to provide the Prasad sisters an alternate accommodation and livelihood arrangement, these siblings challenge the courts to allow them to stay in the very place in which they allegedly feel most vulnerable. This must be first time that an alleged victim who complains of sexual and physical harassment, insists, even against the courts’ orders, to stay in the very same place in which that person declares to be most in danger!

These anti-Ashram elements who have voluntarily chosen to become and remain members of the Ashram, continue to depend on and enjoy all the facilities that the Ashram provides them despite their claims that the Ashram setup is a complete failure. Like a cancer, these hostile elements from WITHIN the Ashram use the institution’s very own resources to try to cause damage to itself. In some cases they have gone to the most unimaginably absurd extent of even demanding that the Ashram should finance the legal battles that these people are waging against the Ashram itself! Like disoriented, psychotic and parasitic cancers, instead of seeking a remedy these elements prefer to terminate its host along with themselves, the only justification appearing to be that without it they will perish in any case.

But all of the above seems to have escaped the attention of Mr. Seshadri Chari – author of the article ‘The Enemy Within’ in the issue of the ‘Organiser’ dated September, 21, 2014 – who most certainly and regrettably must have been spoon-fed the stale stew of lies and misinformation that has been cooking in the pots of these anti-Ashram elements since several years now.

Mr. Seshadri Chari might also not be aware that in June 2012 the same anti-Ashram elements to whom he appears to have lent his name (blindly we suppose), in their earlier, desperate and continued efforts to obtain some from of political patronage from any quarter possible, had served the same stale stew of lies and misinformation to several Members of the Indian Parliament – led by Jyoti Mirdha, an MP of the Indian National Congress party  – who jointly signed a petition against the Ashram. Is it just a coincidence that Jyoti Mirdha’s petition and Mr. Seshadri Chari  article have the same tone and tenor? Mr. Seshadri Chari might also be unaware of the fact that after the Ashram sent these MPs a detailed response that addressed all of their concerns, their grievances as well as the MPs apprehensions have since then vanished into thin air. Mr. Seshadri Chari may also wonder why nobody has ever heard again from even one of those MPs since that time and why none of those MPs are openly backing these anti-Ashram elements?

Like, Mr. Seshadri Chari, we the Well-Wishers of the Ashram have equally good reasons to be wary of The Enemy Within. On this website, we will therefore help him identify the real enemy within which he is free to vanquish as it pleases him.


– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –

  1. sanjeev permalink

    It is mind-boggling to find that someone like Sheshadri Chari who is supposed to be a senior member of a considerably important organisation can be so recklessly and carelessly irresponsible. Is he feeling left out that he has to adopt the cheapest of tactics to get some attention? How can he blindly swallow the hook, line and sinker along with the bait that a fraudster like Sraddhalu Ranade must have cast at him??? Did Seshadri Chari try to verify even one single allegation that must have been fed to him? He is most certainly going to repent this day. But the one who should be most worried is Sraddhalu Ranade. The day that Seshadri Chari realizes that he has been taken for a ride by Sraddhalu and his band, they will certainly hear from him. The clock’s ticking!

  2. Jeev permalink

    What is this new concept of a ‘Cultural Terrorism’? Is this Seshadri’s invention or Ranade’s nightmare? Is it a ploy to silence all diverging opinions with the use of some Draconian law meant to deal with Terrorism?

    • Sanjay permalink

      Never heard of the secret Weapon of Mass Cultural Destruction used by Cultural Terrorists???
      It is called “The BOOK”!!! Just one book can annihilate an entire culture.
      Nowadays a new weapon is also used for cultural cyber terrorism and is called the e-Book.
      OMG, it is soon going to be the end of world as we know it!

  3. anon permalink

    Cultural Terrorism?????!!!
    How much more ridiculous will they get?
    Are they so blind to the fact that Indian culture has been around for thousands of years, has survived invasions from several different cultures, has spread to almost every corner of the world where it is thriving, even outside the confines of the Indian heartland?
    How much more insecure and paranoid can one get to be scared of three ‘foreign’ authors who are largely unknown across India and only read by a handful of scholars.
    Such crass fear mongering can only be justified for very narrow and sinister political ends; i.e. create fear so that you can pass Draconian laws and control the masses at your whims and fancies.
    This is simply embarrassing and disgusting.

  4. Of course there is an “Enemy Within”!!!

    Single handedly a person like Mr. Sheshadri Chari has managed to degrade the RSS. And he claims to be from within the RSS

    – Son of Mother India

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