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“The Pro-Ashram Trust Nexus” – Another perspective

September 6, 2014

I find the terms like ‘Pro-Ashram Trust’, ‘Pro-Ashram’ or ‘Pro-Mother’ indistinguishable in their essence, because for us not only the Ashram but also its Trust is Her creation. There is no scope for doubt in this matter for those who love the Mother, even for those who are acquainted with Her Teachings and are not prone to read the meaning convenient to them therein or prone to misapply the same for their ulterior gains. Regarding the term ‘Nexus’, I say, it is quite appropriate if it connotes the closer relationship of a person with any of or all the three, the Mother, the Ashram and the Ashram Trust, with a clear understanding that the relationship with either the Ashram or the Ashram Trust is only a corollary of our relationship with the Mother. It is a simple relationship between the Mother and Her devotees who consider them to be Her children only. For us to be Her children, truly and sincerely, has been our aspiration and the mission of life.

Unfortunately, these so-called devotees who claim to have made “a sensational discovery by connecting some dots of a secret and unknown Pro-Ashram Trust Nexus” have given a negative hue and color to an otherwise neutral word “Nexus” by employing it indirectly to connote a secret alliance, might be of the nature meant to serve a dubious cause. While doing so they have only seen in our most simple relationship, the reflection of their own image, like a person who sees a snake where there is simply a rope, to use a  Mayavadin illustration. The devotees who have joined the Ashram and those others like us who share their aspirations while not physically being in the Ashram all the while, having done it voluntarily and not as a consequence of any enrollment drive, and obviously not for any worldly gains. We do it obviously not in order to oblige the Ashram or its Trustees or even the Mother, on the contrary we feel obliged for getting such opportunity to be associated with this great mission that the Mother has undertaken. Hence, a question of a secret pact between us and the Mother or with the Ashram or even with its trustees has no relevance whatsoever. Our relationship is sacred for us and it was there long before the so-called discovery of the mysterious nexus and has continued thereafter and would remain unaffected by this Anti-Ashram drive, which is virtually an Anti-Mother drive only. For us this relationship, whether it is denoted by the word “Nexus” or by any other word, it does not matter which word is used, has its intrinsic value and not the instrumental one.

On account of this incontrovertible fact we are not required to hide our identity behind any pseudo-name like Sridharan or like of it as friends who have made this phenomenal discovery of the so-called “Nexus” are required to do and remain busy in continuously fabricating and propagating falsehood under the cover of clinging to truth, or seek an out of the way favor of politicians and super-lords of the business world to carry forward  and succeed in their ill conceived and shortsighted pseudo-spiritual mission. For us who are thus branded by the use of the word “Nexus”, favor of the Mother or rather Her Grace and Love is sufficient not only to meet this inconceivable attack on Her work in the Ashram, but  also for fulfilling our mission in life. It is quite shocking that these friends are planning and executing this attack and pushing the same to its ugliest logical end, while taking fullest advantage of the facilities available here in this benevolent Ashram. The words “ingratitude” or “disloyalty” fall short in adequately describing their behavior. It would be a matter of great surprise if their newly found bosses with great power and money at their disposal would ever tolerate such deviations, which just amounts to treachery. Is it because their conscience has retired for the time being or even permanently?

– Govardhan Dave

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