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Endgame for the five Prasad sisters

August 2, 2014

The Prasad sisters have good reasons to put on their most distraught face. On the one hand it is a pity to see people like the five Prasad sisters, Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade, R.Y. Deshpande and the other trouble-making anti-Ashram elements squander the unique opportunity, privilege and resource that is given to them at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. But on the other hand it is relieving to find that there is a natural justice as well as a self-cleansing process at work, albeit slow at times, but decisive at the end, which gets rid of destructive and hostile elements.

By defying once again the orders of the Courts, the Prasad sisters have repeatedly shown that they have little respect for propriety and due process. They have demonstrated that all that matters to them is their petty, limited and personal interest, even if it defies the highest established orders of a normal, collective living. For more than a decade they managed to get away by defying and undermining the benevolent and benign authority of the Ashram Trust. They tried to exploit every loophole and weakness that they could find in the Ashram as well as in the legal systems in order to prolong their exploitative stay at the Ashram. They falsely accused people of harassing them, even sexually. They also vindictively tried to bring disrepute to the very institution that has been providing them with food, shelter and all their basic needs for a life at the Ashram for nothing in return.

Instead of serving and fulfilling the objectives of the Ashram, something that the five Prasad sisters have chosen to undertake on a purely voluntary basis, they were instead clearly more preoccupied and concerned about fulfilling their personal agendas first. If they felt that they could get away with this, it is because they were encouraged by other self-centered, trouble-making anti-Ashram elements like Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade and R.Y. Deshpande whose self-appointed occupation is now to cultivate controversies which are used as fodder to feed the hopes of those like the Prasad sisters who have messed it up badly, but who are too full of themselves to admit it.

The end of the road for the trouble-making Prasad sisters is now clearly within sight and their faces show it.

Are the trouble-making, anti-Ashram elements running out of the luck that they misused and the precious time that was given to them?



The Times of India, Saturday, August 2, 2014



Sisters defy SC order, stay put in Ashram

By Bosco Dominique, Puducherry:

Five sisters, who were directed by the Supreme Court to vacate Sri Aurobindo Ashram premises on or before July 31, defied the top court’s order and continued to stay on the premises. The Ashram trust lodged a complaint
with the Inspector General of Police and Superintendent of Police on August 1, seeking police intervention to make them honour the Supreme Court’s verdict. The trust proposes to file contempt of court case in the SC against the five sisters for defying court orders.

The SC in April this year directed Jayashreee Prasad and her four sisters, Arunashri, Rajyashree, Nwedita and Hemlata, residents of Sri Aurobindo Ashram to vacate the ashram by July 31. Disposing of a special leave petition filed by the sisters against a Madras high court order asking them to vacate the ashram, a bench of Justice Sudhansu Jyoti Mukhopdhaya and Justice Ranjan Gogoi directed the sisters to follow the rules and regulations of the ashram as long as they remain there.

The bench said it would be open to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust to initiate contempt proceedings against the sisters if they fail to comply with the order. However the sisters failed to honour the court order and did not vacate the premises. They continued to stay in the ashram property even after the deadline. The trust in its complaint said an ashram inmate on spotting one of the sisters on the ashram premises on August 1 vainly attempted to remind her about the court ruling and her undertaking to the court. However, she took strong exception, accusing the ashram trust of taking law into its hands and attempting to send her and her sisters out of the ashram.

Later, she along with Arunashri aggressively forced their way into the dining room of the ashram and other places. Polite pleas of inmates managing the premises requesting her to obey the court order and not to trespass into ashram properties went in vain. The trust said the five sisters had been deliberately trespassing into the properties of the ashram to cause nuisance and disturbance and sought the police help in honouring the SC order.

The battle between the sisters and the ashram trust began when a retired district judge appointed by the Madras high court in 2002 to probe misconduct charges against Hemlata declared her guilty and recommended that the ashram initiate disciplinary action against her. The Madras high court in August, 2012 directed the sisters, who hail from Bihar, to leave the ashram by September 2, 2012. The Madras HC had found them guilty of contempt of court in August, 2012 after they described its order illegal and defied the orders but let them off after they filed a written memorandum of apology in the court.

Sisters defy SC Order, Stay put in Ashram-5


– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –


  1. Rajeev permalink

    This is so typical of these anarchists. At first the five sisters approached the courts hoping that they can manipulate the legal system to get a favorable order. The Ashram did not go to court, neither did it encourage the five sisters to go to court. The sisters involved non-Ashram parties on their own choice. Now that the courts have passed an order that doesn’t suit them, they are also disobeying the courts. If the five sisters do not trust the courts why did they go to the courts in the first place? They cannot have the cake and it too!

  2. anon permalink

    In the Sri Aurobindo Ashram there are only a few basic rules for pursuing a spiritual path. One of them is to refrain from having sex for evident reasons. The Ashram authorities do not go spying into the rooms of sadhaks to try to find out who is having sex, nor do they try to persecute those who are suspected of having sex. The Ashram authorities know that sex is a difficult human tendency to overcome and give the space to every individual to overcome it in their own way, space and time.

    But when a presumed sadhika becomes pregnant, is not sure which of her boyfriends is responsible, undergoes an abortion, tries to illegally destroy all evidence and then turns around against the Ashram authorities asking them for proof and also starts accusing other Ashramites of also having sex, there is then no choice but to ask such a woman to leave the Ashram.

    When such a woman and her support group start creating trouble, seeking revenge by falsely accusing other innocent members of the Ashram of harassing them and foisting false cases against other members of the Ashram, such a woman then not only deserves the harshest punishment from the Ashram authorities, but also from the legal and justice system. The Ashram has all the right not only to defend itself but also has the responsibility of protecting the innocence of those other members of the Ashram who these persons are falsely attacking.

    1. Our Ashram truly belongs to the Mother and is set up for providing reasonable facilities to the people who have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of sadhana in accordance with the Teachings of the Mother. If so, the beneficiaries of these facilities are not supposed to have any claim over the rights usually claimed by the employees of a business establishment, primarily because they are not the employees. Second, because the Ashram has not invited them to join. They on their own have come to Ashram, which has admitted them and has provided them available facilities. These facilities are invariably linked to the spiritual pursuit, and become bereft of value when this relationship disappears.
    2. There is a clear distinction between an inmate of the Ashram, who is a Sadhak, and its employee. In view of this the reasonable option available to an inmate who is not satisfied on any count with his/her stay here is to voluntarily leave it for a haven elsewhere. It applies to Prasad Sisters, Gayatriji and their likes and also to their supporters and instigators who are honoured by people because of their association with the Ashram. It appears that the Prasad Sisters have failed to appreciate this distinction and have virtually treated themselves as employees of the Ashram, which they are not. Besides, the behaviour of these Sisters proves beyond doubt that they are not even distantly related to Sadhana. It seems that they have deliberately dissociated themselves from the Teachings of the Mother. As such spiritually, they are not even inmates of the Ashram although they stay here. It is a happy augury that the Courts of Law have also rightly given credence to this fact which is reasonably undeniable.
    3. Thus, these sisters have no locus standi in connection with their representations Moreover their representations are found to be of no worth after reasonable inquiry even by the Apex Court of the Country, besides the Women’s Council of India, that addresses itself to the grievances of women. Thus as their stance not reasonable, much less spiritual, they, on their own, stand disqualified to continue their stay in the Ashram and are have not to wait till a law enforcing agency throws them off, if they have an iota of self-regard or a sense of personal identity. It is a pity that they are required to be enforced to follow even the civil norms. It is an indication of the fact they are really sub-humans, the immature humans for whom the reason is still a far cry, leave aside spiritual orientation. These persons comparatively have a low degree of self consciousness and are driven by vital impulses only, while spirituality is only a mask for them.
    4. One feels greatly shocked when so called gurus who masquerade as propagators of spirituality and profess of being forerunners of the Life to come support their indefensible ventures and instigates them to continue the same. It is quite shocking to see them not appreciating the distinction between an Employee and an Inmate. They have become totally oblivious of the fact that it is the sincerity of the purpose that is of value to an inmate and not his learning and his skill of effective and impressive presentation, or his charisma. These qualities too are of value but only when they reflect fundamental sincerity.
    5. It is further shocking that being influenced by such quasi guru a so-called devotee of the Mother could make a public declaration that henceforth she would not give any donation to the Ashram. While doing so she conveniently forgets the distinction between donation and offering. She also forgets that the Ashram had never asked for her donation nor does it survive on such donations. As we know. the Mother had rejected a large amount of governmental grant only because the same was linked to the conditions that were not in tune with Her working. There was also an instance when She had picked up only a token of money from the large amount offered, even during a period when the Ashram was facing financial crisis, only because She did not desire to boost up the ego of the donor. These people who are not accustomed to such mode of working and are given to self-aggrandisement, usually become stumbling blocks in the March of Humanity towards its Luminous Future. They somehow get entry in the Spiritual Institutions like our Ashram and knowingly or unknowingly endeavour tpoil its work. But the Spirit of Time would not allow their offensive designs to succeed. Meanwhile, we who love Her have to stand by Her and behave as if She is looking at us, and this is not only a goody – goody advice.
    6. The situation becomes extremely grave when these self-styled gurus, who have no source of personal income endeavour to explore the favour of businessmen and politicians. They have to carry out effectively their dubious program of launching propaganda drives and holding dharnas and also for availing the services of costly lawyers to fight frivolous suits instituted against the Ashram in order to defame its present management and upset its working. They need to fulfil this self-chosen task a continuous flow of money along with extra-constitutional political patronage. In order to serve this purpose, they had transferred their loyalty to the Politicians and Corporate houses replacing their loyalty to the Mother in the style of a Jaichand, who had invited foreign invasions to serve his petty interest. It is a pity that they do not feel ashamed of their design to make provision for political or governmental interference in the working of the Ashram only because they feel that this is the only means to fulfil their ambition. They do not feel ashamed of disowning the Mother who had brought them up. And this is done under the banner: Cling to Truth. Thus, they have descended to the lowest valley of falsehood under the pretext of scaling the highest peak of Truth. One would be prompted to use the words like ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘stupidity’ in this context.
    7. It is the right time for us; the children of the Mother to see that this design does not succeed. She is with us and will certainly help us and eventually it is Her will that will be fulfilled.
    8. I present these observations, not with a view to defending our Ashram. The Ashram is an extended body of the Mother and stands on its own. It does not need any defence. Thus, these observations are meant just to clarify our understanding about the issues that we are presently facing.
    Govardhan Dave

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