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June 3, 2014

In the course of a talk delivered at Ahmedabad on 27th September 2012, Shraddhalu Ranade alleged to the effect that the Mother had given Polydaon’s role to Manoj Dasgupta because She had recognized in him a dark and evil force. It is already shown on this website by producing irrefutable evidence that his assertion was factually incorrect. However, in addition I feel it necessary to show, through logical analysis of the allegation, that the finger he has raised against Manoj Dasgupta has actually turned to him only and had revealed his true color. In an attempt to malign Manoj Dasgupta he has virtually maligned his own image. His arrow has boomeranged.

On this website it is already shown that there is no evidence of the Mother having ever said that She had recognized in Manoj Dasgupta a dark and evil force. Then is it Sraddhalu’s creative genius that has concocted this story and thereby has presented a false image of the Mother before the public of Ahmedabad under the guise of presenting before them his vision of Affirmative Spirituality? About Peter Hees’ book on the Lives of Sri Aurobindo he has alleged of his desecrating the image of Sri Aurobindo. At present we may leave aside the question whether Peter has actually done so, or had an intention to do so, and it appears that he has not, but here while claiming to read the mind of the Mother Shraddhalu had just imagined of Her having recognized in Manoj Dasgupta a dark and evil force and had thereby actually attempted to present a false picture of the Mother before general public and thus has really desecrated Her image.

It is found that generally in the dramatic performances even in the institutions other than our Ashram the persons who play the role of a villain are not chosen in virtue of their actually being villains and mostly they are not villains in real life. Then how come the Mother chose a performance having a provision of a villain therein and chose a real villain to play that role? Those who have a slightest acquaintance with the mode of Her working would not even imagine that She would prefer such treatment to erring disciples to give them an opportunity to rise above their shortcomings by initially thus branding them as dark and evil force under the cover of selecting them to play a role of villain in a drama to be staged in the Ashram, as Shraddhalu imagines. I wonder how could he who claims to be a devotee and a scholar see in our Mother such perversion. It appears that in his vindictive stance to malign Manoj Dasgupta, he has crossed all limits which resulted in virtually maligning the image of the Mother in public eye.

This is an apt example of a crooked thinking on the part of Shraddhalu, and also of his associates who toe this line of action, to say the least. He does not care to verify the veracity of his premises, nor does he care to see whether they support the conclusion he desires to derive and rushes to attack his opponent for the purpose best known to him. Any stick is good enough for him if it strikes at his opponent and injures him. He has audacity to screen even a video of a sting operation carried out by a news channel and subsequently withdrawn. Such mode of operation is in tune with the working of falsehood in our life. It does not serve the cause of Spirituality which he claims to promote. You have to be rational in your dealings before you rise to Spiritual Heights or serve the Spiritual Cause. You have to become human before striving to become Superman. He desires to teach a lesson to the Trustees of our Ashram and especially to Manoj Dasgupta. But then it would be pertinent to say: Physician heal thyself.

– Govardhan Dave

  1. Debashish permalink


    You are absolutely right in pointing out that an analysis of the issues that Sraddhalu Ranade has tried to rake up, if not entirely fabricate for his malicious ends, reveals that it is Sraddhalu Ranade and his perverted and frustrated comrades who are the greatest cause of distortions and misrepresentation of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Just because Sraddhalu Ranade has managed to cultivate a following over the years, for his self-glorification of course, he is under the illusion that SA & TM are his private property and that he can therefore try to put any words in Their mouths with the hope that people will believe him blindly. But it is enough to just scratch the surface of Sraddhalu Ranade’s arguments and bold statements, to see that below the glossy surface of a fake sanctity lies a deep and dark falsehood. As time goes by, one by one all of Sraddhalu Ranade’s lies shall crumble and turn to dust. What remains to be seen is whether the ailment he suffers from is curable or not.

  2. Praveen permalink

    Sraddhalu Ranade is a professional liar. He cannot say that he did not know that his statements about Manoj Das Gupta role as Polydaon were false. The document on this webpage:
    undoubtedly shows that in the year 2010 Sraddhalu Ranade was well-aware of the fact that The Mother could have not possibly made any statements about Manoj Das Gupta and Polydaon as he had never played that part during Her life. When Sraddhalu Ranade repeated his lie in front of an audience in Ahmedabad HE WAS LYING BLATANTLY AND SHAMELESSLY.

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