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Countdown begins for the Five, Trouble-making Prasad Sisters

May 26, 2014

From behind the cover of some Bireshwar Choudhury, the incessant efforts of Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade, R.Y. Deshpande and their band of anti-Ashram elements, to portray the five Prasad sisters as poor, helpless victims, has once again boomeranged on them. The Supreme Court has seen through the smokescreen of the false allegations of sexual harassment levelled by the five Prasad sisters and has come down heavily on them asking the siblings to pack up and leave the Sri Aurobindo Ashram by 31st July 2014. Having taken serious notice of the unscrupulous behavior of the five Prasad sisters, Justice Ranjan Gogoi also warned and directed the sisters “to follow the rules and regulations of the ashram  and maintain discipline” during their remaining stay in the Ashram which thankfully will last only a few weeks more. It is also hoped that this paves the way for the permanent removal of the Prasad sisters from the Ashram as their only intentions are to harm this institution.

One can be sure that except for those men who usually hang around with the five Prasad sisters or support their hostile actions against the Ashram, all others – including most women too – are going to stay at more than an arm’s length away from these five, trouble-making sisters till the 31st of July, after which many of the members of the Ashram will heave a huge sigh of relief. This applies especially to the innocent neighbors of these sisters in the Ambabhikshu housing block of the Ashram against whom the five Prasad sisters had slapped false allegations of sexual harassment in order to take personal revenge against the Ashram and several of its members. 

What is most striking in the verdict of the Supreme Court is that there is presently an atmosphere in which cases of sexual abuse against women is taken extremely seriously especially by the courts, so much so that it is only in the most certain and compelling of the cases that a judgement indicting women is passed by the courts. The strong, condemning order issued by the Supreme Court in this instance has set one of those rare precedents which is the only reason for which the five Prasad sisters are likely to be ever remembered.

Such a disgraceful act committed by the five Prasad sisters has not gone unnoticed. Several national newspapers have reported this sordid story, including The Times Of India, The New Indian Express as well as the Deccan Chronicle. Most strikingly they all observe that the five Prasad sisters had:

– lied under oath

– made false charges that were personally motivated

– were already declared guilty by the High Court

– had no respect for the Courts and did not follow it’s orders

– were suppressing facts from the Courts and various Commissions.

 As witnesses to these events, all that one can say is that the five Prasad sisters fit perfectly the profile of the ‘victims‘ that Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade, R.Y. Deshpande and their band of anti-Ashram elements will selectively choose to prop up and try to use against the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. However, the days of their perverse games seem to be numbered. The removal of the five Prasad sisters is the welcome beginning of a cleaning up process that is bound to take place sooner or later.


– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram – 





  1. Rajeev permalink

    If Bireshwar Choudhury’s info is correct in his post on the website ‘’ the Ashram will have to pay Rs. 29,000/- per month to the five Prasad sisters, which might also be increased if they argue that they need more money. The shamelessness of these five sisters knows no bounds. Not only are they deliberately and mischievously trying to sully the Ashram’s reputation just to settle some of their personal scores, but like the worst of parasites they are even draining the resources of the Ashram, resources that the Ashram generates and also receives from the donations of hard-working and well-meaning devotees.

    Are not Ashramites supposed to join the Ashram because they wish to offer themselves and their work, wholeheartedly and unconditionally to the Divine??? These sisters do not seem to know the meaning of the word “offer”. They are only there to exploit the Ashram, use and abuse it. Completely and shockingly shameless!!! Instead of respecting and valuing the money that is donated to the Ashram, these sisters are only busy scheming how to pocket some of that money.

    What is even more shocking is that these sisters have a fan club and sympathisers that consists of ‘scholars’, and ‘visionaries’ like Sraddhalu Ranade, Raman Reddy, RY Deshpande. If one digs deep enough though, one finds that they too are after all nothing else but parasites of the Ashram. They all use the Ashram only for their personal promotion.

  2. sandeeppan permalink

    In his post on the Supreme Court’s verdict on the five sisters Bireshwar Choudhury makes a startling revelation that according to him “Sex has allegedly increased tenfold in the Ashram”!!!

    Now, now, now…what is Bireshwar’s source? From where does he get his stats on the sex life in the Ashram? Sraddhalu, Raman or Deshpande? Which of these three is keeping a keen and close eye on the sexual activities of Ashramites??? Weren’t they supposed to be concerned about matters that were spiritual???

    Or maybe… let us not forget that this trio are still Ashramites at the time of Bireshwar’s post. Is Bireshwar drawing his conclusions on the sexual activity of Ashramites, based on the observations of the life of Ashramites with whom he has a close contact??? The trio are not known to have any active, working life in the Ashram and would have a lot of spare time and energy to engage in other activities that are not part of an Ashramite’s life. A film-maker had once combined three words that go well together… “Sex, lies and videotapes” which in today’s context could be rephrased as “Sex, lies and websites”… Deshpande is always busy making videos of himself which he posts on websites. Sraddhalu is busy fabricating lies for his websites. And Bireshwar has enough information to conclude that sex has increased 10 fold!!!

    And what about the five sisters that Bireshwar is very troubled about…. He says that one of them is alleged to have got pregnant. Now, that might be good data!

    But Bireshwar, please don’t keep us all guessing. What is your source on the sex life of Ashramites?

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