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When scabs get together to allege sexual abuse

November 26, 2013

It was just in August this year that Ashram’s scabs, Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade, R.Y. Deshpande, Alok Pandey and their band of anti-Ashram elements were proudly announcing the sympathetic hearing they got from the editors of the TEHELKA Magazine. The journal, best know for sensationalism, had covered their one-sided story against the Ashram Trust that was designed to smear the noble institution they have jointly turned against by alleging that sexual abuse and harassment was not only present but rampant in the Ashram.

TEHELKA Magazine’s story on the Ashram was lavishly peppered with baseless allegations of sexual abuse, harassment and assault that were allegedly taking place in the institution according to the magazine and its pervert sources. We presented the abundant information (see the series titled ‘Scabs beneath the Serenity’) that the Ashram Trust had made available to TEHELKA, dismantling all of the wild allegations that were being promoted by the anti-Ashram lobby. But TEHELKA deliberately chose to ignore all of the reliable and verifiable information that the Ashram Trust had provided them and instead chose to accommodate the version that suited them the most and provided them the maximum of revenue, although it was far removed from the truth.

The temptation to concoct the inebriating cocktail of sensationalism together with a smear campaign was too hard to resist for all concerned. Years of experience that were spent to master this skill could not be wasted when such a convenient symbiotic relationship could be forged between TEHELKA and these anti-Ashram elements. Weren’t these brave, self-proclaimed activists and Hero Warriors after all claiming to defend the just and noble cause of the sexually oppressed? Did the real motivations of these people – to smear and try to damage the Ashram’s reputation – matter as long they rode the wave of public opinion in support the ‘weaker sex’ they claimed to chaperon?  Did it matter if the unstated objectives of a sensational smear campaign could be packaged and presented as a noble cause?

Just a few months ago, both TEHELKA and the anti-Ashram elements believed that combining sensationalism with a smear campaign seemed the right thing to do. Tarun Tejpal, Editor-in-Chief of TEHELKA (1, image below) was the ray of light that shone in front of anti-Ashram elements like Alok Pandey (2), Raman Reddy (3), Sraddhalu Ranade (4), R.Y. Deshpande (5) and their other comrades. That fateful moment and collaboration must today be recorded for the sake of posterity.

Tarun Tejpal, RR, SR, RYD, AP and Co

Is it merely a twist of fate that Tarun Tejpal has today mutated from a ‘noble’ campaigner into a probable sexual offender? What is the fate that lies ahead for those who have indulged in the same practice of exploiting noble causes to promote themselves and their personal, limited agendas?


– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram – 

  1. Selvam permalink

    Tehelka’s was financed for 65% by Trinamool Congress MP and industrialist Kanwar Deep “K D” Singh. Now he is pulling out:

  2. Selvam permalink

    Recently Trinamool Congress MP Kunal Ghosh was arrested connected to a financial scam in West Bengal:… This is how tame that huge pyramid scheme was covered in K D Singh’s Tehelka:
    News for sale anyone?

  3. daksha permalink

    read on tejpal and tehelka in current issues of outlook and india today, dt. dec 9, 2013. both his former employees.
    it is a sordid story. tehelka has no money , while he makes crores.
    in the same issue of outlook on page 74, its editor vinod mehta, writes about lack of ethics etc, in media and editors harass sexually youngsters regularly.
    read it if the subject interests you.
    can imran khan reply to these accusations on tehelka, tejpal and media. doubt it, he will even reply.
    the anti saa brigade can they reply, going to sexual harassers to fight their sexual harassment and corruption complaints.


  4. It is the same all over

    “tehelka has no money , while he makes crores.”


    Abola (the employee of Jayant Bhattacharya) makes no money , but Jayant Bhattacharya swindles crores

    Shanti Mishra (another employee of Jayant Bhattacharya) wobbles along while Jayant Bhattacharya cruises along in his Merc

  5. I think all the 5 of those jolly men whose portrait adorns this page must b busy with “THINKFEST” with lot of fest. But “Thinking” they have forgotten long ago

  6. Wah! What language, What flow.— Absolutely mind boggling
    What spirituality— Absolutely HIGH THINKING to reach the realms of the divine.

    This is what Sri Aurobindo Ashram was started for. Devotees please follow and live by this example. Mud slinging.

    • matriprasad permalink

      My dear Alter Ego (also called Matri Prasad , as stated above)

      I know I am Matriprasad but I really do not know who you are. I will be glad to meet you. You may come with some sort of identity so that there is no confusion. Do not worry , I will surely come with my identity papers.

      Just let me know when I could meet you.

      In case you choose not to meet me – please stop borrowing my identity. Or at least it would be helpful if you clarify that you are not me , just as I have declared openly that I am not you.

      With all my good wishes.


  7. SUBHASHREE DAS permalink

    Martiprasad Bhai,

    The alter ego of yours in the above mentioned comment is a coward. Where was he (or she!) when you were writing point by point explaining every case which TEHELKA had misinformed the public in their one sided article against the great Ashram!


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