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Macbeard and the Unholy Grail – VII

September 14, 2013

Recounting history the Macbeard-way – A series of allegories inspired by allegories of yore.

[Continued from: Macbeard and the Unholy Grail – VI. The compiled episodes published until now can be found here. ]

Macbeard’s conversation with the Spectre at the Uppalam Drain. Happy reading!

‘You are in search of the Unholy Grail and the promised land of Super Trusteeship?’ said the Spectre once Macbeard explained the purpose of his visit. ‘Ha Ha … Ha Ha Ha’ he roared with laughter, not unlike a Bollywood villain about to molest the skimpily dressed heroine innocent and alone in a rose garden. ‘You worthless creatures, you traitors to your cause, you scums without values … you pollute Uppalam Drain by your presence. Why should I help you?’ continued the Spectre ‘What do I gain?’

‘The Dark Voice in my heart guided me here and promised me that you shall guide me to my destiny!’ told Macbeard.

‘Your destiny you dung beetle? Do you have what it takes to get the Unholy Grail? You need first to destroy the Fortress of Light created by the Divine Mother.’ the Spectre said ‘Even with our Flaming Host in two Great Wars, with exceptionally capable and pliant instruments, we could not reach the moat beyond which the impregnable Fortress stood. And you want to raze it? With your motley horde that is nearly as fearsome and formidable as chicken in fried rice?’

‘One advantage we hold within our grasp O Dark Spirit which has eluded you’ retorted Macbeared ignoring the sarcasm ‘we are Insiders, we come from within the Fortress of Light and have been nurtured by its Love; we were brought up in its tender care and are familiar with its inherent weaknesses, – absence of rigid hierarchy, unquestioned freedom and unsurpassed tolerance. We don’t have to assail it from without; we can erode it from within. The Council of Elders are old, weak and badgered day to day by petty affairs. There are murmurs of discontent amongst the acolytes, some are indifferent if not hostile to their superiors; there is strife within. With wild rumours and wily manipulation we can engineer a revolt;  squatting on the pavement beneath Mother’s Balcony sporting ‘Cling to Truth’ bands round our arms, we can present ourselves to be the ‘Faithful Defenders’ and take over the management to become Super Trustees. Only the Alumnus can pose some danger but it is too divided and too preoccupied to be an effective force. Once the Fortress is destroyed in a holocaust of fratricidal war, the Unholy Grail is ours. But success is not assured if we fight our lone battle from within; we need the assurance of your support from without.’

To be continued.


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