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False allegations against the SAICE

September 10, 2013

Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade, R.Y. Deshpande and their associates had attempted to malign the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education (S.A.I.C.E) in particular, when they masterminded their malicious scheme of splattering slanderous posters all over the town of Pondicherry. In these posters, these anti-Ashram elements had wildly alleged that the S.A.I.C.E. was allowing the sexual harassment of children. Several of the parents of children who are studying at the S.A.I.C.E have taken serious objection to these wild allegations and have written to the Lt. Governor, the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary of the Government of Puducherry. A copy of this letter is being reproduced here.

Copy of letter (signatures have been suppressed for reasons of privacy):

Scanned copy of the signed letter from Parents to the Governor of Pondicherry_Page_1


– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram – 

  1. Raghavan permalink

    This is very proactive and a correct step taken by the concerned parents . I wish also to let them write to the enquiry officer with a request to take very strict action against the hostile elements (which are perpetually creating mischief instead of faithfully doing the sacred work) which have planted the stories against the ashram so that once and for all it sets a precedent that anti Divine forces are seriously dealt with .The people who have planted stories are well to do people and investigation should be done on them to find the sources of funds , income tax properties of the mischief makers and how they are fighting the litigation also

    The forces creating this mischief don’t understand the evolution of human nature and the creation of new species and also don’t understand what community living and aspiration for leading a divine life.

    Request similarly all people open to the Mother to write to the enquiry officer giving proof of greatness of ashram and also give evidence against the mischief mongers and hostile forces

  2. Pradeep permalink

    Excellent idea Sir, The enquiry officer should be made to know the full truth for which all these anti-Ashram and anti-social elements like RR, SR, RYD et al. need be thoroughly exposed and gotten rid of. Enough is enough. They have gone too far!

  3. There is a legal term for making false allegations in writing with the intent to harm its called LIBEL,when it is done by spreading malicious rumors it is called SLANDER!

    At one point does the law suit get filed against RR,SR,RYD and the rest of the fundamentalist goonsquad?

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