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Macbeard and the Unholy Grail – VI

August 24, 2013

Recounting history the Macbeard-way – A series of allegories inspired by allegories of yore.

[Continued from: Macbeard and the Unholy Grail – V]

In this episode Macbeard and his companions leave behind the Mound of the Dead and reach Uppalam Drain their “spiritual” home. There they meet the Specter, the resident Evil of Uppalam Drain. Happy reading.

Macbeard sat on top of the mound, his face blanched with fear, frozen by the howling cries of anguished souls trapped in this nether world. Did he make a mistake? Is this the right path? Wouldn’t it be wise to turn back at this point? He looked within and searched for absent light. A loud voice came booming instead from the darkness around, stinging to life the secret worm of ambition within. ‘Hasn’t he promised you the Super Trusteeship? Steel your heart you wretch and move on till you meet the Specter  he will show you to the way to the Unholy Grail and the twisted path to your destiny.’ This shook him out of his introspective torpor and lulled the rest into a sense of security that comes from a soul numbing daze.

For seven days and nights, Macbeard and his party, accompanied by eerie screeches and hoots, advanced through this steamy and dark landscape, walking through bogs, eating marsh rats to ease their hunger; sleeping on high branches to avoid snapping crocodiles. On the eight day the forest began to thin and they came to the bank of Uppalam Drain through which flowed the filth and garbage of all the three worlds. Its stench, even from a distance, had the power to destroy souls but to Macbeard and his band, the stink was deliciously irresistible, and its dark noxious silt was like hot chocolate on vanilla ice cream.

Macbeard and his fellow creatures wallowed in the drain. Supervised by Sir Sighkick and using the unique properties of the Drain water, they washed away with diligence the last stubborn patches of conscience and truthfulness that somehow clung to them even after this journey.  While the rest were thus absorbed, Macbeard sitting by the bank suddenly become aware of a Dreadful Presence. They were alone no longer, a huge dark amorphous form hovered over them – Specter  the resident Evil of Uppalam Drain – and enveloped them all with a pervading sense of ill being.

To be continued.


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