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Scabs Beneath the Serenity – IV

August 22, 2013

We continue to present the information that was made available by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust to Imran Khan, reporter of the TEHELKA magazine and online news portal, before he wrote his story on the Sri Aurobindo Ashram titled ‘Scabs Beneath the Serenity, Scandal in the Ashram.‘ In our previous posts we had presented information on the case of the Prasad sistersthe case of Debaki Rout and the case of Patit Paban Ghosh. In this post we continue looking at some of the allegations of harassment that Imran Khan reported in his article.

Information provided by The Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust that Imran Khan chose to ignore:

Complaints against Bailochan Parida:

As a sample of “other kinds of abuses”, in the year 2003, some individuals complained that an inmate of the Ashram named Bailochan Parida, was borrowing money from individuals and inducing them to part with their money by offering a very high rate of interest. Naturally after some time he was unable to service the debt, and finally taking recourse to some excuse or the other was refusing to return even the initial capital.

As is proper, the Ashram asked Bailochan Parida for an explanation as regards his activities. The said Bailochan Parida by giving some flimsy excuses avoided answering the queries raised even when several extensions of time that he had asked for were granted to him. During these exchange of letters, he even tried to browbeat the Ashram into going soft on him by raising imaginary allegations against other persons in the Ashram. Finally he wrote a defiant letter saying that he is not answerable for his acts to the management of the Ashram and that he had not violated any stated rule of the Ashram.

In the fitness of things, Ashram gave him final notice and informed him that it would not be possible for the Ashram to permit him to continue to remain as an inmate of the Ashram. Further the Ashram also clarified to him that it is not necessary to formulate as a formal rule that an inmate of the Ashram should not cheat and indulge himself in dubious financial transactions.

Please find enclosed as Annexure-Query3-B1, the letter dated 03.09.2003 which had been sent by the Ashram to Bailochan Parida and by which the Ashram (after giving him all opportunities to defend himself) found him to be unfit to continue to live as an inmate of the Ashram.

It is interesting to note that the said Bailochan Parida has decided to challenge this action of the Ashram in the local Court and he is represented therein by his Counsel Mr. Cyril Mathias Vincent – the same person who now has been appointed by the Collector as his counsel in the proposed enquiry against the Ashram.

As per the counter filed by the Collector and the Deputy Collector, which has been authenticated by their advocate Mr. Cyril Mathias Vincent Bailochan Parida is now a complainant before the Collector.

Why does Imran Khan ignore the fact that there are rogue inmates of the Ashram who are there to exploit, misuse and abuse the system just for their personal advantage? Why does he ignore the fact that all these rogue elements have presently all ganged up together on the same side that wishes to get rid of the present trustees? Is their ganging up a mere coincidence, a shared spiritual or ideological motivation or nothing else but a pooling up of personal, vested interests?


– The Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram – 

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