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A Statement of Support by the Golden Chain Fraternity

August 17, 2013
The Golden Chain Fraternity has issued a statement of support to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram to ensure that external interference into the internal affairs of the Ashram is brought to and end.

August 12, 2013


As some parties external to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust (SAAT)  are being encouraged to interfere with the normal functioning of the SAAT, and with reference to recent public events, the Golden Chain Fraternity (GCF) which is the alumni body of the Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education (SAlCE), wishes to reiterate and state that it:

•            Expresses its solidarity with the SAAT in these difficult times and wishes to state that the alumni are always present as a support to the SAAT whenever needed.

•            Respects the Trust Deed, which was settled by The Mother Herself, and each and every document signed by The Mother as Her final sanction in Her Infinite Wisdom.

•            Is of the opinion that The Mother has created the SAAT with a purpose, namely looking after the external functioning and organization of the Ashram, and  that  it  is  an  institution  that  is  meant  to  maintain  an  atmosphere conducive to the pursuit of a spiritual life. GCF believes that the SAAT is fulfilling this role effectively.

•            Is of the opinion that there are sufficient institutional mechanisms within the SAAT that enables it to deal with any issue that may arise to ensure adherence to the laws of the land, without the need for any external intervention. The GCF is also of the opinion that the SAAT is an institution that upholds and follows the laws of the land and tries to ensure that every member of the SAAT lives a life of dignity, freedom and justice so that each one may pursue, unhindered, his or her inner spiritual quest.

•   Is of the opinion that external forces and parties do not have a role in the running of the Ashram; politicians and external agencies have no place in determining the future of the SAAT and its inmates.

The GCF wishes to share its position with all institutions and organizations that are directly and indirectly affiliated to Sri Aurobindo, The Mother and the SAAT in order to seek a greater support to prevent any external parties and interventions ·from influencing the running and the future of the SAAT and its inmates. For this purpose the GCF invites members from all institutions and organizations that are directly and indirectly affiliated with the work of The Mother, Sri Aurobindo and the SAAT and to join hands with the GCF in this initiative.

The Golden Chain Fraternity

– o – o – o –



– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram – 

  1. Raghavan permalink

    I believe it is best for the Trust to take a stand in this matter or by the Managing Trustee himself to answer .. While the intentions may be good ,it is best not to take lead in a matter in an unauthorised way and would like to know your credentials for speaking on behalf of an institution which has been created by The Divine Mother . It is wise to work silently rather than seek publicity when one can mind ones own business and leave it those who have been managing the Ashram for seem to have a lot of ambition and would be best if you could remain a humble worker .Please curb your ambition .it is best for you to give a quiet support rather than a publicity seeking support trying to lead the Supreme institution on your unauthorised bandwagon

    • Dear Mr. Raghavan, from your comment it is not clear who you are referring to as the “unauthorized” entity or “bandwagon.” Are you referring to the GCF, the Well-wishers of S.A.A. or both?

  2. Raghavan permalink

    What was meant is that a person need to be authorised to speak on behalf of the Ashram after having earn the right to do so after living completely a life of a sadhak in the Ashram at least .I am not sure if the person who has signed for GCF has that authorisation to lead and be Spokesperson of the Ashram . I also don’t agree to the signatory asking others to join him without the explicit concurrence of the Trust(while his intentions may be good )

    By bandwagon it is meant not to drag one and all…..using the GCF name ..leading to unnecessary publicity and unwarranted display which was never sanctioned by The Mother at any time when She was present physically

    This is written by a well and best wisher of SAA to the person who has signed for GCF with a sincere request to curb his/her ambition . That’s all

    • sanjeev permalink

      Raghavan, the SAA Trust has taken a clear, firm stand long ago… silently without seeking any publicity. I am of the opinions that the GCF is not interested in publicity or display but it is sending out a clear signal of it’s position. The GCF has done well.

  3. Raghavan permalink

    Sanjeev .. I am commenting only on the recent ostentation of GCF head …. And am specifically stating the recent and unwarranted act of approaching a politician recently by GCF head with a number of people which was in correct as it amounted to him treading on areas which are foreign to him and sends confusing signals as he does not represent Ashram .
    Politics is not for the well wishers of the ashram and that includes GCF head too . That is all and I have nothing against him otherwise.

    • sanjeev permalink

      Raghavan, as far as I know there is no GCF head as such. I don’t see any quest for ostentation by anyone either. The GCF core group consists of a group of alumni who actively work and spend time and resources for the functioning of the GCF. Because these few individuals take responsibility of the GCF, they land up having to take decisions for the GCF. The GCF did not go on its own to the MLA Ashok Anand seeking attention and publicity. BTW, those who went to the MLA were not only those from the GCF, but there were many other ashramites and well. All these 100 or so people went to the MLA spontaneously not on the Ashram’s behalf, but as well-wishers of the Ashram who are concerned about his interference in the Ashram’s affairs. I thin that it is well within the rights of the GCF to meet him anyone they wish to present their points of view. There is no politics involved. There’s no confusion. It is not complicated.

      • Raghavan permalink

        Sanjeev .. I need one clarification . If there was no GCF head then who has signed the statement.It also came in the papers on who lead this while meeting the politicican.

        it is democracy so each one is free to what what he wants but as far as spiritual matters are concerned politics and politicians are to be carefully weighed and acted .Those who participated in the meeting seem to have lost their presence of mind despite the good intent.

  4. Raghavan permalink

    Sanjeev .Only one concern on the recent act of GCF head … I will have to to disagree with your opinion of GCF Head who has been to a politician unnecessarily with 100s of people recently . This is an example of publicity ,ambition and trying to be a spokesperson in areas where he has no business dragging attention .He is from advertising background and obviously could not resist this opportunity ..(.but why get into politicians ). I have otherwise nothing against GCF or its members .

    SAA Trust is doing well and am with them

  5. Raghavan permalink

    Wish to clarify the distinction on the Alumni of SAICE which has not been done by GCF head.

    SAICE is a n integral part of the Ashram and are run by the ex students of SAICE who are a part of the school and are sadhaks of the Ashram who are dedicated 100 percent

    There are also ex students who do partial service and are not a part of the Ashram

    There are ex students of SAICE who are outside Ashram and are not involved in any way rendering service to the Ashram and who are part of GCF also …with good intentions.

    I wish to make it clear that this public event participation of the GCF head could be for the third set and can distract the first set of ex students of SAICE who have nothing to do with politics or advertising as he claims to be the head of the entire ex students fraternity without being a dedicated sadhak of the first set. would request the GCF head to make this clear distinction and also tell clearly what is the nature of service rendered by the GCF to the Ashram in a transparent manner and also whether they are sadhaks,volunteers or just event managers or outsiders.

    I suggest the DCF Head must work some capacity as a worker in laundry or dining room or bakery for 6 months ..prove his mettle as a sincere worker for the Lord rather than opening his mouth and creating unnecessary confusion.

  6. sanjeev permalink

    Raghavan, the GCF is outside the Ashram and is meant to represent all SAICE alumni. However, not all SAICE alumni may wish to be represented by GCF. This is an individual choice. As far as I know the GCF does not render any service to the Ashram. The GCF is just there. When it can help the Ashram it helps. In this case, the intentions have been to help the Ashram. That’s all that matters. The way I see it, the GCF statements are not for publicity but to make it known to all that the GCF stands with the Ashram and most certainly not with the MLA and those attacking the Ashram. How else can the GCF get this across without a statement!

  7. Raghavan permalink

    Sanjeev ..just to clarify.I am mentioning one unwarranted act of GCF head recently and as he keeps repeated claim of SAICE alumni.SAICE teachers are sadhaks and also alumni of SAICE. SAICE is a part of Ashram and do not want GCF head to be a side door spokesperson when he is not even a sadhak in matters concerning politics and politician whereas GCF is not

    If he wishes to make a statement then let him tell clearly that

    He is not a sdhak but just a well wisher .
    He does not represent the entire SAICE ex students as those who are teaching will not agree with his recent display of meeting a politician.
    If he still wishes to make a statement let it go through the proper authorisation.

    Lastly , I am equally a well wisher of GCF and do not want it to get into troubled waters through acts of carelessness.

  8. Raghavan permalink

    To All GCf Members .

    Further to the appointment of retired high court judge to conduct an enquiry on ashram , the time has come to all members of Golden chain Fraternity to rise to the occasion and offer your service in whatever individual capacity you have to the Ashram Trust…All of you have studied in Her School and this is the expected from all of you to punish all the who have indulged in mudslinging, tarnishing the Ashram reputation and expel those who have been spokesperson of falsehood.
    It is the Hour of GOD and we all need to rise to the occasion to do our bit individually and must write to the enquiry officer and get registered any evidences for Ashram’s wellbeing . This is especially addressed to the women students who have benefitted so much over the years.It would be woe unto us if we don’t do our best now.

    Also appeal to Pradeep Narang and Vijay Bhai to mobilise the Sri Aurobindo Society and its branches and get resolution passed on every branch of the society against the false allegations against women and other false charges against trustees .After all Sri Aurobindo Society is the propaganda wing of the Ashram

    Also request the working committee of Auroville ,after calling for a general assembly meeting ,denying he allegations and stating that they have the full trust in Ashram Trust and that all is well.

    Lastly requesting all devotees ,admirers and well wishers of The Ashram to wake up and write to the enquiry officer that all allegations made are evil and false and categorical state that the have full trust in the Ashram Trust .

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