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Macbeard and the Unholy Grail – V

August 12, 2013

Recounting history the Macbeard-way – A series of allegories inspired by allegories of yore.

[Continued from: Macbeard and the Unholy Grail – IV]

The journey to the promised land of super trusteeship was far more chequered than Macbeard had bargained for.  In the next two episodes we follow the ‘inner’ journey of Macbeard and his companions, first to the ‘mound of the dead’ and then to the Uppalam Drain. Happy reading

On a dark night of the soul Macbeard and his motley group leaving behind the sunlit path and the warmth of the Mother’s infinite love headed for the Forest of Gloom in search of the Unholy Grail. After many days of listless march through virtual darkness (except the little light that filtered through the endless fog of their mind and the poisonous fumes of hate that emanated from their heart to blur their vision), they reached a large mound in the middle of a shadowy clearing.

On closer examination they discovered that the mound was but the skeletal remains of people who had lost their way in this forest earlier following their untempered ambition or their insatiable greed. From the tattered clothes that still clung to their bleached bones they could identify some of them; a few were businessmen known for their greed, others identified were highly corrupt bureaucrats who amassed great wealth by embezzling government funds earmarked for the welfare of the poor, many were those of politicians who following their self-interest did great harm to their country and great injustice to those who voted them to power. But some too were of people who were led to this place of doom goaded by their spiritual ambition and the betrayal of their gurus, their school, teachers and their Ashram.

Sir Sighkick who was the bravest of them of them all (he retired as the senior loo inspector from the army) was so frightened that he ran on all fours and forced his head in the hollow of a dead tree; Squire Depthcharge for some reason wanted to put his head in the same hole as Sir Sighkick; Lady Unable bust into a long high pitched wail only to hear an eerie echo of her rant that sent shivers down everyone’s spine. Poddle Srichappal in sheer fright climbed over whimpering Gowind and Daewoo before losing control over his bladder and getting them very wet and miserable. Evereddy and Nevereddy neighed nervously and loud which in that vaporous air sounded strangely like monotonous phrases in human voice ‘He is a taxi driver, he is not a scholar… he is a taxi driver, he is not a scholar…’.

To be continued.

  1. dummy permalink

    AdHominem attacks reduce your credibility. I dont see the purpose of this. Actually shocked to see this coming from someone that calls themselves well wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. If you are really wishing well for the ashram, you would put your case in few, lucid, sincere words instead of stooping low. Saying that the other party is doing is also not an excuse. If you say so, then you lose the moral high ground to accuse anyone.

    – A devotee of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (not associated with any groups or associations – Ashram, Auroville or Society).

    • Dear Dummy,
      (No offence meant! You give us no choice if you chose such a name.)

      We value your feedback and views. Thank you for your comments.

      The series ‘Macbeard and the Unholy Grail’ is not authored by us and we can’t be held responsible for the views and the manner in which these are expressed.

      We may however be held responsible for choosing to post these stories on our website. Whether you agree with us or not, we have chosen to do so because we believe that i) these allegories express the sentiments and perceptions of several of the Ashram’s well-wishers, ii) although exaggerated – do note that these are allegories after all – these stories depict rather accurately Macbeard and his companions’ journey in recent times, iii) they are written with a sense of humor which some may or may not like; it is not always possible to please all, and finally iv) we and most well-wishers of the Ashram, unlike Macbeard and his lost tribe, do not claim to be saints and do not seek to occupy the high moral ground; we are merely interested in presenting information that we believe provides a convincing alternative to the several malicious lies and disinformation campaigns that are being actively spread around to deliberately hurt and damage the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. We will let the readers decide whether they wish to continue reading and relying on this blog instead of the website “” So far, more and more readers and placing their trust on our website.

      Finally, if by “stooping low” our actions have hurt the Ashram or its well-wishers, we will most certainly take all remedial measures to undo this damage. But you may also wish to put things in the proper perspective; to the Ashram, our rare excesses must at the most feel like the disturbance caused by a passing fly compared to the daggers and spears that are being stabbed into the Ashram’s body by Macbeard and his tribe. We don’t think that you should be perturbed by the rare disturbance caused by the passing fly.

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