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Sraddhalu & Co Vs SAICE alumni: Are Sraddhalu & Co already beating the retreat?

July 29, 2013

This post is in continuation of the exchange that Sridharan, Sraddhalu & Co have begun with former students of the S.A.I.C.E.


Dear website Editors/Administrators,

On 23rd July 2013 I had a message to Sridharan, Sraddhalu & Co which I find has been  reproduced in part on their website along with their comments.

But most importantly, Sridharan, Sraddhalu & Co are already showing signs of wanting to beat the retreat!!! They have now threatened me with the following:

I demand an answer to it

; otherwise I will close the discussion.

What is Sridharan, Sraddhalu & Co’s great hurry? All the points that are being discussed need to be dealt with systematically. I promise that I will give my answers to their question on Manoj-da’s views, but as it is the final point of Sridharan’s message, which follows many other points that they have chosen to raise, I too will need to go through all the other points before dealing with Manoj-da’s views.

Here is the copy of my message to them asking them to reconsider their desire to beat the retreat and close this discussion:

Hello Sridharan, Sraddhalu & Co,

Your latest comment dated 25th July 2013 on our on-going exchange says:

I demand an answer to it [the question on Manoj-da’s views]; otherwise I will close the discussion.”

Whaaat!?? Already beating the retreat and giving ultimatums???!!! I thought we were just getting warmed up and cozy with each other.

I am also very surprised by your take on my cordial, civil and pacific offer of a real, hand to hand, handshake. Because you on the other hand interpret it as:

There you are, this is the true Filio, thumping his chest and calling for a physical confrontation! Do you want the present exchange of ideas (however spiteful) to deteriorate into an exchange of blows?

To you, a cordial handshake becomes… “a physical confrontation” deteriorating into “an exchange of blows”???!!!

I knew that you guys are easily excitable and agitated, some of you also having a violent strain as displayed by the guy who wanted to bash up Peter in the early days of this controversy and later on when your mob violently heckled Dilip-da. But if shaking hands with me frightens you so much, I am willing to come with my hands and feet tied up if that makes you feel secure. If my words also feel like blows to you, I can also come gagged up. All I wish to do during a real handshake is to establish that you have a real identity. To me your true identity is not indispensable. It is only meant to help you prove to all of us that Sridharan is not a pseudo identity for Sraddhalu, Raman, Deshpande or all three together.

Now, as you seem to be in tearing hurry and are “demanding” answers from me, here’s how I am going about regarding the two issues above:

Reply to Manoj-da:

In your response to me you raised the points of (in the following order) a) my Croc Training days, b) your Ramayana analogy, c) your claim about a broad consensus on the negativity of the book, d) your dismissal of those who find nothing wrong with Peter’s book, e) the “educated”, “scholarly” opinion of your cronies, f) the Sri Aurobindo Society’s statement, and finally g) your question on Manoj-da’s (DG) views.

I have started replying in the order in which you have presented the points and have so far covered points a (Croc training days) & b (the Ramayana analogy). It may take me a while to get to point “g”. Against my suggested “Code of Blogging” to stay focused on one point at a time, you took the trouble of including points b, c, d, e and f because I believe it suited your propaganda. You certainly wouldn’t want me to jump directly to point “g” in total disregard of all the other very important points you chose to raise!


As a confidence building measure (CBM), before a physical handshake, we can also use the virtual world and shake hands on Facebook for example. We become “friends” for a day and then we can immediately “unfriend” each other. You can still make a bogus account, but that’s not so easy to hide. But now don’t tell me that you are also scared of the confrontation that a  Facebook “poke” could do to you.

More later…




– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –


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