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Sraddhalu & Co Vs SAICE alumni: Reg. attacks on Sri Aurobindo and his disciples – Round II

July 19, 2013

This post is in continuation of the exchange that Sridharan, Sraddhalu & Co have begun with former students of the S.A.I.C.E.


Dear website Editors/Administrators,

On 17th July 2013 I had sent the following message to Sridharan, Sraddhalu & Co. As they have not yet posted it on their website, I thought that your readers should know that I have responded to them and am awaiting their response.

Copy of my message:

Hello Sridharan, Sraddhalu & Co.,

In response to our exchange posted on your website I’m now sending you my answer. Once again, I frame my response in two parts. Part 1 is a preamble. Part 2 is my specific response. I hope that as our exchange gets more focused, with your cooperation, as we go ahead I will not need preambles in my subsequent messages.

Part 1: Preamble.

In my response to you dated 11th July I had expressed the need and importance to focus our discussion on facts. But you don’t appear to be able or too keen to stay focused on facts and I find that you are instead eager to shift the discussion to the realm of opinions. But I know that you can turn around and accuse me of having aired my opinions and say that your opinions were in response to mine. Fine, so be it for now.

To avoid exchange of more personal opinions I will for the time being refrain from expressing more opinions. Instead, I propose to redirect  the focus on those facts on which meaningful opinions could be based if need be, at a later stage. Because according to my observations, and I suppose that everybody would also be able to make the same observations, opinions have some, larger value if they help bring about clarity or a better understanding, which can be achieved most effectively if they are based on facts. On the other hand opinions that are based on personal preferences do not necessarily bring about clarity as their primary purpose is to express or fulfill a personal preference, which in some cases might be a preference of creating confusion and misunderstanding.

I am not undertaking this exercise and discussion to promote a personal preference, such as get somebody I don’t like thrown out of the Ashram or to put in place a trustee that I favour. My primary interest is to bring about clarity and a better understanding, if at all such a thing is possible(!) against forces that intentionally wish to create confusion, division and misunderstanding.

Part 2: Specific response.

In my earlier message I had presented two specific facts. Once again to keep things simple, let me for now reproduce and focus on only one of those facts:

Fact no. 1: In the Ashram or among the devotees and “beneficiaries”, there is not an unanimous, educated, informed, objective view, consensus, opinion or belief that Peter’s book (The Lives of Sri Aurobindo) denigrates or attacks Sri Aurobindo. What we have are a diverse range of views on Peter’s book.

Is this, according to you, a fact or not?

A short, simple answer will do for which you may also take the time that is needed by you.

Looking forward to your specific answer.



– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram – 


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