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Macbeard… now being played in a street near you

July 17, 2013

I am probably among the few who was happy to see the posters; not because of its sick contents but because people who had earlier supported Macbeard both within the Ashram and in the SAICE alumni are now having serious second thoughts. At last the scales are beginning to fall one by one; it is evident now that the halo round this creature’s head is not made of true inner stuff but of unrecyclable cardboard. Even my large friend circle in Pondicherry who are not part of the Ashram are now asking/commenting ‘How can your Ashram tolerate such a scum?’ or (this one really hurts) ‘Did he really study in your school?’ or ‘Wasn’t he the kid who meditated for hours under the guidance of M.P. Pandit? No doubt he has gone a little cracked’; so much for the local support for his (mis)cause in Pondicherry.

What led such a glib manipulator to lose his real strength,- the power of public opinion so tenderly husbanded part by subterfuge, lies and threats, and part by corrupt manipulation of the political bureaucratic  machinery? I think one can sum it up in one phase, – OVERVAULTING AMBITION WHEN FRUSTRATION LEADS TO DESPERATION, THEN DEFEAT. We are witnessing the beginning of the end with Macbeard running out of tricks which gets dirtier with passing time.

The genesis of Macbeard’s tragedy began a long time ago; I am told, Madhav Pandit, in one of his lighter moods, promised him ‘I will make you the Super Trustee of the Ashram’. This must have gone into his soft impressionable head; that is when the seeds of this calamity were sown. Not unlike Macbeth, Macbeard by striving to fulfill the ‘promise’ made by others, becomes an active agent of his own destruction and ends up a hapless victim of his own machinations and his stupid spiritual ambition. It is an eternal saga that repeats itself in the history of humankind in infinite variety. In the past we have seen this story in its epic form and proportions, now we are witness to the septic version where the common scum’s relentless ambition leads him in the end to the cesspool of everlasting Night.

In the next mail I will describe Macbeard’s tragic flaws and the dangerous journey he undertakes in search of the ‘Unholy Grail’ or the promised land of ‘Super Trusteeship’ and the exciting misadventures that wait those who are too foolish or too blinded by their ambitions; Macbeard is both.

By ‘Bulu’ a former student of the S.A.I.C.E.


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