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Dialogue a la Sraddhalu & Co.

July 9, 2013

The following message has been sent to us by a former student of the Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education (S.A.I.C.E.) with request to post on our website. The message is self-explanatory.


Dear website Editors/Administrators,

Of late, Sraddhalu & Co’s website “” has been showing a keen interest of making selective comments regarding messages that are equally selectively hand picked by them from the SAICE Yahoo group. The SAICE Yahoo Group is a closed internet discussion group that broadly consists of alumni of the Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education (SAICE) at Pondicherry and some others who are considered to be a part of the larger, SAICE “eco-system.” During the last few years, the issues pertaining to the controversies that Sraddhalu & Co have unnecessarily raked up in order to hit out at the Ashram Trust are frequently discussed in this discussion group by members who are concerned about the unjust and unethical actions perpetrated by Sraddhalu & Co against the Ashram.

Sraddhalu (Ranade), Govind (Nishar – the true and false one), Raman (Reddy) with some other Reddys, Alok (Pandey) and a few other of their anti-trust comrades are members of this SAICE Yahoo Group. In the early days of this controversy they were very vocal, hoping that the SAICE alumni would follow them blindly. But as soon as they were questioned – their motives, methods, objectives, reasoning, etc., – they found themselves in an uncomfortable position unable to justify their actions. At first they tried to argue, but when they failed to be convincing, as they presented only illogical, meaningless arguments, which were more in the form of unilateral judgments and commandments, they lost their face and eventually shut up completely.

However, discussions that are held on the SAICE Yahoo group seem to bother Sraddhalu & Co. This is demonstrated by the fact that every once in a while they need to react to the facts, information or discussions that are being presented or taking place on the SAICE Yahoo group.

Recently, some of us (SAICE alumni) raised some questions about the validity of Sraddhalu & Co’s position that when Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram is attacked, it can serve Sri Aurobindo’s best interest. Many of us find that such a fallacious argument only belies the petty, personal motives that drive Sraddhalu & Co to attack the Ashram, as such attacks cannot serve the larger interests that Sri Aurobindo represents or embodies. There is no way that Sraddhalu & Co can reconcile their attacks on Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram with acts that serve Sri Aurobindo’s interests. Attacking Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram is tantamount to attacking Sri Aurobindo himself. This point has also been echoed by others.

The realization that Sraddhalu & Co’s hostility towards Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram is an assault on Sri Aurobindo himself is increasing day by day. This is pushing Sraddhalu & Co to try to regain the credibility that they are increasingly losing. Sraddhalu & Co are therefore finding the need to argue this point publicly. For this purpose they are encouraging some of the former students that are active on the SAICE Yahoo group to engage with them in some form of a public dialogue.

But the exchange that has begun between members of the SAICE (such as myself) and Sraddhalu & Co bears all the characteristics of a dialogue a la Sraddhalu & Co. That is to say, instead of directly participating in the discussions that take place on the SAICE Yahoo group these ‘brave’ people prefer to control the dialogue on their home turf, i.e. their TLOSA website. The reason is simple. They can suppress, omit, rearrange, try to mangle the information and arguments in a manner that suits them the most. Moreover, Sraddhalu & Co are too scared to come out in front; they are more comfortable hiding behind a Sridharan.

This is best exemplified with the exchange that I reproduce here to demonstrate how Sraddhalu, Sridharan & Co censure all the questions, issues and topics that they find inconvenient and difficult to answer.

The copy of my complete, uncensored message that was sent to Sraddhalu, Sridharan & Co (at on 6th July 2013 is reproduced below:

Note: The passages that are highlighted in red color font have been suppressed and censured by Sraddhalu, Sridharan & Co in the response that is posted on the TLOSA website.



Monologue/Dialogue update (continued):

I had not noticed that Sridharan had promptly reproduced my message about agreeing to play “ball” with him on Sraddhalu’s website, “with or without balls.” His prompt action is presumably with the intention of demonstrating how dignified he and his spiritually realized comrades are in contrast to my/our vulgarity, in an obvious attempt to embarrass me/us publicly. But if Sridharan and his comrades want their readers to believe that they are such dignified puritans, it is strange that they should indulge in lowly, sleazy rumors concerning prostitutes and the trading of sex for favours.

This brings me to my first question to Sridharan and his comrades, which I present here in order to initiate the first volley of exchanges:

 Start of dialogue:

I am requesting Sridharan to provide a little more facts on the incident reported by Sraddhalu during his talk at Ahmedabad which I propose to discuss on the website:

 The information appears in Page 22 of the transcript, 1 h 40 min of the recorded talk:

[Sraddhalu says:]

 “ Pondicherry all the government administration is under the sway of the Trustees, nobody dares to go against them and the Trustees supplied these two women to Singala and Dzouza and to IG and a police officer was the go between. These things are recorded. Is it true? I did not believe it. And then I met people in the Ashram who told me personally, that yes they have seen and this is true. And I can say this to you from the people I have heard, yes, it is true.”


A few preliminary questions to Sridharan, especially as Sraddhalu vouches that all the information stated by him is absolutely true:

–          Which two women were supplied to the Singala/Singhala, Dzouza/D’Souza and to the IG? Were they Ashramites or paid sex workers? Who sent them to the police? Can he provide verifiable information?

–          Some of us have asked around to find out when the policemen Singala/Singhala and Dzouza/D’Souza, who allegedly took women in exchange of favours, served the Pondy police force. Nobody seems to know of such people. Could you please provide details? How do we know that these names have not been cooked up by Sraddhalu and his comrades???

–          Sraddhalu mentions an un-named police IG (Inspector General) who also took women in exchange of favours? Can he provide the name of this IG and when the IG served in Pondy?

AND, if “all the government administration is under the sway of the Trustees” is Sraddhalu sure that he wants the Government to take over the Ashram, as he has been pleading? If the Government is as corrupt as Sraddhalu alleges it to be AND is under the sway of the Trustees, then how will the Government help Sraddhalu and his cause of freeing the Ashram from his alleged acts of corruption????

But lastly, before every good contest, a good handshake is required to keep a fair spirit. I propose to meet Sridharan face to face to shake hands with him… with a valid ID proof in the other hand… just to make sure that he isn’t another of those fictitious characters that appear on Sraddhalu’s website. So I am asking Sridharan to indicate a suitable date, time and place for such a physical shake of hands AND verification of IDs… wondering if it isn’t going to be at Rue St Gilles or St Louis.



P.S. Just in case Sridharan, Sraddhalu & Co have cold feet and refuse to post this message on their website, I am forwarding a copy of this email to their “rival” websites to ask them to make this information and exchange public.


I have no hesitation of engaging in a dialogue with Sridharan, Sraddhalu & Co, but knowing very well that they do not hesitate to act in a foul and unethical manner, I am proposing to send to your website copies of my exchanges with them, with request to post them on your website also. This will allow other readers to compare the complete messages that I am actually mailing to Sriddharan, Sraddhalu & Co with whatever gets published on their website.

Thanking you!



– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –


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