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Poster girls, boys, djinns, imps and heaps of abuses

June 11, 2013

Sraddhalu Ranade, Raman Reddy, R.Y. Deshpande and their anti-Ashram elements are working hard to set new standards for a collective living in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. According to them, in a collective environment meant for the pursuit of spirituality, such as the Ashram, the practice of hurling abuses at persons that one does not agree with or dislikes is something that is not only to be encouraged but also lauded. And if one abuses in the name of Sri Aurobindo or The Mother, a licence to abuse freely is awarded by them and a place in their hall of fame is equally guaranteed.

It is no wonder then that Abala, who has been featuring in the “Breaking News” stories of the CHOLA-TLOSA is being elevated by them on a pedestal and exhibited as their poster girl.

It doesn’t matter if you happen to be in the Ashram’s meditation hall, meditating, or sitting quietly. But if Abala is around and thinks, or rather believes (because her ability to think is dubitable) that you are less devoted than she is, for which you have to be castigated with her abuses, she will unhesitatingly do so also there. As her reading and writing skills are rather limited, most of her abuses will be expressed orally with some grimaces, if you are lucky, in a language that you may not know or comprehend. The only consolation is that at least she doesn’t (yet!) spit on people, like Sudha Sinha does. But Vijay Anuru does not have Abala’s limitations. He can wield both his tongue and pen like a lashing machete.

To get the point across to those readers who do not live in the close quarters of the Ashram, we reproduce here a small sample of what a few Ashramites have to endure when Sraddhalu Ranade, Raman Reddy, R.Y. Deshpande proudly encourage and let their djinns and imps loose to assault those who do not agree with them:

(Click on image for enlarged view)

Excerpts from Vijay Anuru's letter

(A copy of the complete letter can be viewed here.Viewer discretion is strongly recommended.)

These are the new ‘Hero Warriors’ of the brigade that Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade, R.Y. Deshpande and their anti-Ashram elements are raising and attracting. The brave generals of this brigade sit in their ivory tower of their CHOLA-TLOSA website and hurl public abuses by hiding behind fake names with the hope that they do not land themselves in any trouble. But on the ground, be it at the Ashram Samadhi, the Ashram Dining Hall or on the road, if you are their target, you might have a close encounter with one of their djinns and imps.

This is something that some of the members of the Ashram have to contend with, every day, ever since Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade, R.Y. Deshpande and their anti-Ashram elements have decided that until they get their pound of flesh, this is the price that the others should pay. And when things get out of hand, when Abala or Vijay Anuru loose control and cross all limits of decency and civility, it is they who land up at the Police station, not their Generals!


– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –


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  1. Sanjeev permalink

    The CHOLA-TLOSA website is proudly displaying Abala’s level of intelligence.

    When she was asked “Why are you insulting respected persons of the Ashram?” Abala answered, “Who is there in the Ashram worthy of respect other than Sri Aurobindo?”

    Simple, no? According to Abala if you don’t think somebody is respectful, it is your birthright to harass and abuse that person. And if you use Sri Aurobindo’s name to publicly show off how devoted you are, according to her you have an even greater right to abuse!

    It could never have occurred to Abala that irrespective of whether others deserve respect or not, just the act of being respectful is the greatest respect that one can give Sri Aurobindo. By behaving like a beast, in The Master’s home, is the greatest disrespect that she can give her Master.

    She should be asked to leave the ashram if cannot behave respectfully.


  2. Sanjay permalink

    A picture is worth a thousand words they say.
    Please see for yourself the face of the person who in the name of Sri Aurobindo calls Manoj Das “Harami”, and other devotees “Mother F***er”, “B**tard”.
    Here is face of the blue eyed boy and poster boy of Sraddhalu, Raman, Deshpande & Co.:

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