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Affirmative Spirituality Vs. Affirmative Lies

June 3, 2013

In the last few years Sraddhalu Ranade has been touring India and the world in an attempt to garner some support – financial, legal, moral – for his efforts against the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. His method has been simple. Invite people to hear him talk on Affirmative Spirituality and then give them instead an earful of Affirmative Lies.

In September 2012 Sraddhalu Ranade was at Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India), to give a talk on the subject of what he considered to be “Affirmative Spirituality.” Spirituality? Please judge for yourself. Affirmative lies… for sure!!!

We have obtained a recording of Sraddhalu Ranade’s talk which can be downloaded from the link provided below. The file is large, about 220 MB. The duration of the talk is about 2 hours and 40 minutes. The first five minutes are not clearly audible but the rest of the talk can be clearly heard.

The recording can be downloaded by clicking here: Recording of Sraddhalu Ranade’s talk at Ahmedabad on 27th Sep. 2012.

For those who cannot and do not want to hear the recorded talk – the vast majority of persons we are certain – a transcript of the talk can be viewed by clicking here.

We want to make it clear that by making the recorded talk and its transcript available we are not wanting to promote falsehood and Sraddhalu Ranade’s lies. The purpose of making this information available is to make people aware of the deceitful methods adopted by Sraddhalu Ranade, Raman Reddy, R.Y. Deshpande and their ilk to mislead people in order to get their support against the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and some of its members, even if they have to spread lies.

We propose to analyze the information that Sraddhalu Ranade has presented in his talk and expose all his lies on this website.


– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –


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