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Coward Male Commanders! Follow Your Female Followers!

May 18, 2013

Dear Editors,

I had sent the following text yesterday for the favour of your posting in your prestigious Blog. I do not know whether it reached you or went astray. I am sending it once again with one line added at the end. Hope you will post it soon.

A Friend


Coward Male Commanders!  Follow Your Female Followers!


I am a bystander but one who is reading with interest the exchange between the two forums “Critique” and “Well Wishers”. But now I strongly feel like putting in my reaction to the exchange. The so called Bireshwar Choudhury (I do not understand why they should take different fake names – while one fakery should be enough) says that they are not revealing their names because they will be roasted alive, etc. etc. The imagery, a product of a perverse mind, is too bizarre to be repeated.

  I am both amused and astonished. Well, Messrs Shricharan Singh and Bireshwar Chowdhury, one of you are a Singh (lion – probably the African variety) and the other is Bireshwar (bravest of the brave)! Then how come are you such pitiable cowards? Don’t you and we see that even your docile female followers such as the pair of Annapurnas, Kavita and Shanti Mishra are walking the streets of Pondicherry without the slightest sign of fear, swallowing all the food in our Dining Room courtesy the Mother’s Trust Deed while wallowing in the suicidal drain of your anti Trust cultism – and when eating too much unhesitatingly marching into the Ashram dispensary run by your ‘Dr. Death’? One of the Annapurnas was seen grabbing at the microphone provided by you to parrot you. Surely a maiden experience; she looked simply enchanted. (Your male followers are different; their looks show how desperately they are trying to put up a brave face.) Our question is, if these heroines  are  moving about in broad daylight without even a string of their hair having been touched by a matchstick, why are you, mighty Singhs and Bireshwars , are  haunted by the terror of being  roasted alive?

Can anybody ever give any instance of any institution, government or private, tolerating such members who, mixing with a motley crowd of politicos and brainwashed half-strangers (well fed in a nice hotel) going to a government official to  recite lies against their own mother-organisation?  Ignore the fact that they had prayed to join it with the resolution to pursue a spiritual path, taking difficulties, if any, as tests to be overcome by their own inner growth and trust in the Mother.  For such ridiculous acts of theirs, they should have been thrown out of any institution in the world instantly. Even a democratically run political party would not tolerate such indiscipline. And these female and male ‘aspirants’ were dying to join a spiritual institution for Sadhana!

Can you imagine any institution where the Managing Trustee is hissed at  by an apparition stalking him for days and weeks and months and years in front of hundreds of visitors and inmates in the community dining hall and yet untouched? Well, the Divine Mother’s Grace gave shelter and chance to individuals representing all areas of consciousness for reasons of Her Experiment Sublime. Your identifying the imbecile, the frustrated, the over-ambitious ones from these specimens and recruiting them into a cult has been an example indeed.

Stop in your intoxication with lies and lying to yourselves and reflect for a moment.

Now it is my turn to confess why I am not putting down my name. It is because you have awful Arabian Nights male and female djinns and imps such as one Vijay Anuru and one Abala to unleash after me; I don’t have any. However, do reveal your name and identity; I will reciprocate.

A former student of SAICE who had so far remained a bystander.


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One Comment
  1. Another bystander permalink

    Dear former student of SAICE, very well said.

    They do have “awful Arabian Nights male and female djinns and imps such as one Vijay Anuru and one Abala to unleash” their madness upon those who are less devoted to their madness than they are.

    The ashram should open a zoo with all these specimen. There is also Sudha Sinha the spitting cobra who spits her poison at people, Mita Chakraborty the viper who hisses at people she doesn’t like, and all those apes who try to cling to truth with their tails (or should we say tales) while swinging and screeching away in madness…. and so on.

    Dr. Alok Pandey can be made the zoo-keeper as his expertise will be best served there.

    Another bystander

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