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May 15, 2013

One of the readers of our website, Subhashree Das, has written to us posing the question whether there is any limit to the lies and falsehood that Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade, R.Y. Deshpande and their lot are more than willing to at first manufacture and then disseminate on their ill-meaning website. In one of their usual posts in which they seek to publicly abuse members of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Prof. Manoj Das was accused of being uncritical of the Ashram management because they allege that he was dependent on the Ashram for his medical expenses. Subhashree Das who knows the facts, dispels these ill-intended lies in her message here below:


Dear Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram,


Years ago our job brought us to Pondicherry. It was a dream come true for us because we will be living in the atmosphere where Sri Aurobindo and the Mother lived and where the Ashram that grew up around them exists. Indeed we feel that it was a blessing for us. We find great peace whenever we are inside or even near the main building of the Ashram, or in the Dining Hall where we occasionally go for Prasad and other wings of the Ashram.

I heard that some people are trying to defame the Ashram and ABUSE some individual members of the Ashram. It is very sad. I heard that they are going on creating lie after lie. I did not pay much attention to these things. But I was shocked to read in a forum called “Critique of the Lives of Sri Aurobindo” that the Ashram spent some eleven lakhs of rupees for the treatment of Prof. Manoj Das.

Since our stay at Pondicherry we have been very close to Manoj Das. We are deep admirers of his literature and we try to be of some help to him at this stage of his life when he is not keeping good health. I could not have believed that some human beings could be so inhuman as to raise any question of expenses on his treatment. If not the Ashram there are thousands of his well-wishers like us who would gladly spend far – far more that eleven lakhs for sake of his welfare. But that is a different matter. We know what happened at every stage of his treatment. When he went to Delhi, we know of at least three gentlemen who visited him independently and each one of them offered to bear the full expense of his treatment and proposed to admit him in star private hospitals. But Manoj Das chose the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. New Delhi for all the three phases of his treatment for two major ailments. That was because he believed that the AIIMS has truly dedicated doctors and because among the doctors he had friends who loved his writings.

Those who so unkindly are spreading the rumour about Ashram spending a huge amount for him are doing it deliberately and mischievously, to say the least. They are not such naive ones who could not have found out where he was treated. At the AIIMS he received totally free treatment all the three times, like any other patient. Barring the few days in the hospital cabin for which the rent was paid by himself, he stayed for a total of four months or more for the three phases of his treatment in Delhi and the full hospitality was provided to him by Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Delhi. Though ideologically that institution is a branch of the main Ashram at Pondicherry, the Delhi Ashram is an independent institution founded by the late Surendra Nath Jauhar, a renowned person and a devotee of the Mother. That is run by a different Trust that has no link with the Ashram at Pondicherry in any financial matter. Manoj Das remembers gratefully that the Delhi Ashram provided him with not only the finest hospitality but also very logistical support such as medically trained youths to accompany him to the hospital, attendance at night, arrangement of comfortable transport and post-surgical care including physiotherapy. The care and attention he received from the management and practically from all the inmates concerned could not be measured in terms of money. They only revealed the Grace of the Divine Mother flowing from these devotees. He also gratefully says that they have shown the same courtesy to many others such as the late Prof. Nadkarni.

As Manoj Das has already stated, he flew to and fro at his own expense. He  is proud of the fact that even so the Ashram has spent for him for him – for his medicines and gadgets for knee-replacement surgery. The Ashram spends similar and much greater amounts  for so many others.

These critics are probably too mean to comprehend that there are mind-sets different from theirs. There are people who believe in giving to the Ashram more than taking out of it so far as material provisions are concerned. For what is important is to receive spiritual inspiration from the Ashram.

Manoj Das and many more like him belong to that different  kind of mind-set. Let me give an example. Lately, Pratijna Devi, Manoj Babu’s wife, had to be twice admitted in a major hospital in Chennai. The hospitalisation, the surgery and other medicare expenses would have come to a huge amount. But the surgeon – their fees are big- gracefully refused to accept what was due to him. So did his assistants. The hospital authorities brought all their other fees to the minimum. And that amount was given by Pratijna-di’s younger sister, herself a doctor. She did not let the Ashram pay it. There are broad-minded   people everywhere,  unlike  those  who must spread lies for their perverse satisfaction even when the matter concerns their prey’s physical condition.

We request these persons who hide behind false names under silly arguments to learn to be human. There is no ceiling on lies; but must they degrade themselves to this depth?

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,

Subhashree Das
Lawspet, Pondicherry.


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One Comment
  1. Dr. Nirvay permalink

    Very well said ma’am.I’m one of among those lucky persons who are somehow close to Padmashri Manoj Das. It is simply unbelievable and unimaginable that Prof. Das with his unique sense of humility will take any unnecessary advantage from anyone in this whole world including Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Only very few know how his attitude of  contribution to Ashram particularly on financial matter. But in case he needs any support from ashram or Ashram feels to support him, he has all right to do so as an Ashram inmate like many others.  Now the question is why this issue arises now ?  The so called protectors of Sri Aurobindo’s dignity are in a total frustration,what they deserve much more than now, and after their evil design to blame Ashram trust and the Ashram as whole are totally aimless and confused. So what we can expect from these type of people except any personal attack particularly a personality like internationally  renowned writer Dr. Manoj Das ?I am 200% sure if anyone from that so called protectors group has attained 10% of the spiritual mastery what Padmashri Das has !
    Wishing all happiness Dr. Nirvay 


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