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“A Last Appeal” by Prof. Manoj Das

May 10, 2013


The Editors

Well-Wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

10 May, 2013



Dear Friends,

Many thanks for your kindly posting my letter entitled:  A SUGGESTION FOR INTROSPECTION, originally submitted to a website called “A Critique of the Lives of Sri Aurobindo” as an answer to a nasty sheet of lies about me they publicised in their forum. Their decision to suppress my response shows that they are true to their character which is to cling to lies, and they are keen to prove that what they claim, that they are “committed to objective, academic, respectful and honest discussions” is nothing but a blatant lie, true to their (a) dharma.

I was away for a few days. Back at Pondicherry, I saw that several of our friends had read my response, courtesy your forum. But they, particularly the Odia inmates of the Ashram, also took me to severe task for my negligence to rebuff that “Singh” (behind which mask the anti-Ashram Trust fellows hide), for the insult they have heaped on the “people of Orissa”. I reproduce below, in a relatively mellowed down form, the substance of the observations made by my friends:

These fellows had the audacity to say that “the people of Orissa” offered to bear your medical expenses if you were willing to support them in their anti-Trust mission. No man of Orissa, worth his identity, would be a fool to do so. How much you depend on the Ashram for your medical expenses and how much you bear it from other sources is an internal matter of the Ashram. The Ashram Trust has borne the medical expenses of quite a few of those who sat for Dharna, posing holy and aggrieved at the same time. But one thing is certain, should you face any financial strain, there would be any number of people in Orissa and elsewhere to come to your aid with no strings attached. This is something beyond the mean knowledge of the “Singh” family. We challenge this “Singh” entity to disclose the names of those willing to bribe you in order to win you to their side. Monetary promises cannot be made on a blank slate or left that vague. We demand that the would-be donors physically meet you and prove their great compassion in material terms. Please inform us so that some of us, who understand money-matters better than you, are present. We will require them to deposit a crore of rupees in an exclusive account, from the interest of which your treatment will run and in case it is not necessary, the amount should ultimately go to the Ashram.       

This much about the sentiments of my Odia friends regarding the so called “people of Orissa”. Further they pointed out to me that I had also overlooked another accusation of “Singh” family. I quote that neglected point: “When 75 MPs wrote a letter to Gupta Manoj asking him to reply 7 questions, Byakta Manoj immediately flew to Delhi and persuaded some of the MPs not to write such letters to his lord (sic) Gupta Manoj.”

I challenge these disguised gentlemen/ladies to name any one MP whom I met for this purpose. Let them come to me and phone to him or her from my telephone and find out and tell me when I met him or her. Of course I fly to Delhi from time to time for demands on me as a writer (always at the expense of my hosts except when I fly to and fro for my treatment at my own expense). Upon one such trip – I don’t remember exactly but probably when I went to   preside over the 20th World Book Fare – I met a minister, an acquaintance of mine who is the elected MP from my native home constituency. We discussed over tea several issues and naturally the signatures obtained with systematic efforts by the “Singh”s against the Trust figured in our discussion. A man of experience and goodwill that the minister was, he at once appreciated the reality.

I wish I had the time and enthusiasm to meet the “75 MPs”. But I am engaged in far too serious tasks. Much of my time, luckily, goes to my work on a new biography of Sri Aurobindo in English. “Singh” of course is blissfully ignorant of it though it is being serialised in the Mother India for a long time. It is intriguing that he only knew that I was writing it in Odia Naba Prakash and for a silly reason he attributed to it.

Yes, if I could muster the time and enthusiasm to meet the MPs, it would take me hardly any time to burst the bubbles of illusions “Singh” has so laboriously created before them. But that is hardly necessary. A prominent Hindi newspaper (Jansatta – in a news item dated 16th August 2012) carried in its front page their confessions that they had not read the document concerned before putting their signatures to it!  By now they know the deception played on them. I am attaching a scan of the said article for the benefit of those who may not have already read it.

“Singh” family! This is my final appeal to you. Stop wallowing in lies; stop wasting money running to politicians and officials, printing tens of thousands of pages and posting and couriering them to all and sundry, sending emissaries here and there, paying incredibly heavy amount and stealthily and illegally obtaining a morphed, manipulatively shot film which its own producers rejected when they realised its pervert import, and lecturing against the Trust for hours at a stretch.

And all this under the slogan “Cling to Truth”! Stop for a moment and try to realise to what abyss you have dragged the sublime message of the Mother. Reflect on this question: – what kind of force could have led you to this unexpectedly deplorable state?

There are numerous instances to tell you that far from serving any lofty cause – your own or anybody else’s spiritual progress – your move is awfully harming those who unwittingly open themselves to you. After one of the kind of talks you people deliver, a lady in a big city announced that she will hence forth not give any offering to the Ashram, but would patronise you instead. Imagine the enormous deviation from truth when one forgets that to offer money to the Ashram is no charity but a great privilege. The lady is not only snapping a physical link with the Mother’s establishment, but also is spreading the virus, causing great harm to a concrete symbolic relationship of others with the Ashram. Such conduct from one who was expected to have known the basic truths of spirituality is unbelievable at our normal human plane, but understandable when one realises the nature of the forces at work behind this mammoth disruptive operation.

You are not only wasting your resources, but also compelling the Ashram to spend money to defend itself against senseless cases filed by you. If you or I have our own sources of income, we should give as much as we can to the Ashram; not oblige the Ashram to spend on litigations. The Ashram has to maintain and look after hundreds of its inmates who have taken shelter at the Feet of the Master and the Mother and are protected by the Trust Deed charged by Her Grace. It has to spend millions for their health and old-age care.  The Ashram has to take care of thousands of aspiring visitors, their number ever on the increase, and provide them with food and other facilities at the minimum reasonable cost to them. The International Centre of Education has a steady demand on the resources of the Ashram.

Dear “Singh”! Enough is enough. As I wrote earlier, you have gone to the court. Wait for the judgment. Do not get impatient and corrupt your vitality further in inventing or repeating lies.  You may quietly exit with all your followers when you lose the case, leaving others in peace. You can establish your own institution and choose to get administered by a collector or a commissioner or an MLA or by an ‘elected’ body of those holier among you than the others. But the Mother’s Ashram must run according to Her charter; it is a house built by Her where we have taken shelter – Ashray – and that is why it is an Ashram.  She gave shelter to us out of Her Grace; in Her physical absence it is also Her Grace transmitted through the Trust that has sheltered some of you. Nobody had any legal right to enter it. If you build a house and allow me to take shelter in it, I cannot tell you to alter the construction for my sweet convenience or run to others crying hoarse against you.  

Be sure, you cannot but lose the case. Despite all your lies, hypocrisy, dubiously gathered resources, you will be defeated, because I presume that out of sheer pity Providence will not let you suffer the terrible consequences of your stabbing and killing the Deed signed by the Mother and sealed by Her Divine authority. She is the founder of the Ashram and She alone had the right to formulate the Deed by which it should run. “Singh” Panchayat had no business to raise any question about it. Be guided by the founder’s Will or get out of it. Indeed, a defeat – and that is certain – will be your only partial redemption.

The silent curse of the hundreds of innocent Ashramites who are here because the Mother’s Will runs it, would crush you spiritually once they realise what you are up to. You are playing with fire yourselves and, what is worse, you have destroyed the poise of some unfortunate elements who had forgotten the purpose of their taking shelter here or who are simply immature.

I am sorry that I had to undertake this painful exercise. But you provoked it. Let this be the end of it.

Please introspect. The Divine’s Grace be with you.

Wishing you the best,

Manoj Das


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  1. Truth Seekers permalink

    Dear Prof Manoj Das,

    Thank you so much for bringing forth the truth and exposing the lies that hostile, anti-Ashram elements such as Sraddhalu Ranade & Co and R.Y. Deshpande & Co have been spreading since the last so many years.

    These people – who are more interested in self-promotion rather than serving the venerable institution of the Ashram that they have voluntarily chosen to join and that provides them all they need – have for too long exploited the dignified silence of senior ashramites such as yourself to foist their self-serving lies. It is now time for all to get the deserved share of dignified truth that people such as yourself can and are in a position to provide.

    This may be your last appeal to them, but we hope that this is not going to be your last intervention or word on this affair.


  2. Govardhan Dave permalink

    Sri Manoj Das is right when he says that the Mother’s Ashram must run according to Her Charter.Accordingly those who think that they are the children or devotees of the Mother must conduct their life and affairs according to Her Teachings, as it is said, ‘ behave as if She is always looking at us’, and she is indeed looking at us. The rest is a pure and simple hypocrisy , a falsehood.
    Govardhan Dave

  3. Rajeev permalink

    Dear Dave, You are absolutely right. Those who are in the ashram and are not willing to follow The Mother’s Charter are pure and simply hypocrites and serve falsehood.

  4. Fund Raiser permalink

    Prof. Manoj Das stated:

    “After one of the kind of talks you people deliver, a lady in a big city announced that she will hence forth not give any offering to the Ashram, but would patronise you instead.”

    What a revelation! We knew that Sraddhalu had gone to Mumbai, Ahmedabad and a few other places to give his anti-Ashram talks. But we didn’t know that this is how Sraddhalu also finances his anti-Ashram acitivities.

  5. Sanjay permalink

    It is very good that these anti-Ashram elements are being exposed. Every once in a while a system needs to be cleaned up. The Ashram had unfortunately gathered certain unwanted elements like RR, SR, RYD & co. This is a great opportunity to expose what is the real worth of these useless elements and to get rid of them from the Ashram once and for all.

  6. Sanjay permalink

    “Writer Manoj Das selected for Amrita Keerti Puraskar instituted by Mata Amritanandamayi Math”

    May your good work overshadow the destructive work of all the anti-Ashram elements like Sraddhalu & Co.

  7. Raghavan permalink

    Anti ashram elements asking Govt intervention is like asking a foreign power to take over an independent nation .the thought itself is a behaviour of traitor and devil. They need to be weeded out or annulled

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