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A Letter to “Fellow Devotees”

March 28, 2013

Among the many devotees of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, there is a handful of “devotees” who believe that they are the most devoted followers of their Masters. Their devotion is supposedly so limitless that the expression of their devotion has taken equally limitless forms that were little known till recent times.

The expressions of these new forms of “devotion” can be best witnessed on the CHOLA-TLOSA website that was created by Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade and that is actively supported by equally “devoted” souls like of RY Deshpande, Govind Nishar and a few others. This new form of devotion includes making false statements about The Mother and Sri Aurobindo that were never said by anyone before and for which there is no basis. This only creates confusion about The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Then they also fabricate and spread lies about some devotees they don’t agree with. And last but not least, they attack both, some of the members of the Ashram as well as the Ashram establishment that was created by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo; they make frivolous charges against some of the members of the Ashram as well as the Ashram institution, taking both to court, or they abuse them publicly just because they have personal differences.

All in all, the expression of these new forms of “devotion” can make only these “devotees” proud of themselves. Anybody else, with even an iota of good sense more, would be deeply ashamed to follow the form of “devotion” exhibited by Raman Reddy, Sraddhalu Ranade, RY Deshpande and the likes. If these “devotees” would just spare a moment to look at themselves, there would be some hope for their redemption.

This has recently been attempted by an anonymous devotee who has written a letter addressed to the “Fellow Devotees” whom we have described just above. Paper copies of this letter were at first being circulated within the Ashram community. A scanned copy of this letter has now been circulated by email, a copy of which we have received. We are therefore sharing this letter with our readers here: (Click on the 1st page below to read the full letter).

Letter to fellow devotees_Page_1


Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –


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