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More evidence to prove Sraddhalu Ranade’s fraud

January 26, 2013

Our previous post exposed Sraddhalu’s deceptive ways. We have now received a detailed expose that dismantles, step by step, Sraddhalu’s lies and his attempts to conceal his email blunder. The expose in our possession establishes without any uncertainty that Sraddhalu Ranade was using a fake identity in the name of a certain Govind to propagate his lies and false propaganda. Because if there was any truth or merit in Sraddhalu’s propaganda, why should he hide behind the fake identity of a certain Govind?

Click on the following link to read the detailed expose: “Proof to expose Sraddhalu’s lie


– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –


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  1. Rajeev permalink

    So this is how Sraddhalu manufactures public opinion. He creates multiple email ids with different names. Then he sends these emails around. Then he declares that millions of people the world over agree with him. Life is easy… until he makes that fatal slip!!!!

  2. Tony Clifton permalink

    After a few minutes of watching this movie (with link below) it occurred to me who the protagonist reminded me of, in fact this movie about how easily one can become a spiritual leader and how false gurus easily prey on the naive and gullible almost seems as if its very subject matter is a Shraddhalu parody. In the movie Vikram Gandhi sets out to prove just how easily someone with the right appearance and mannerisms can pull off a spiritual scam. This movie should be widely screened in the Ashram and Auroville. It can be rented on Amazon or I Tunes…..

  3. mahesh permalink

    Dear Tony, the trailer is really titillating. Can’t wait to watch this movie. I wonder if it will be screened in India. Thanks for sharing. Mahesh

  4. Tony permalink

    What a bunch of junk this site is. I’m a Westerner and we’re mostly a bunch of jerks.

    • Rajeev permalink

      Tony, you must be one of those Westerners who had the misfortune of attending Sraddhalu Ranade’s anti-West, pro-India lectures. This is a friendly advice to you to never confuse what Sraddhallu says with what Sri Aurobindo says. The two have nothing in common and are poles apart. The only resemblance, maybe is that Sraddhalu tries to use Sri Aurobindo’s name and jargon to try to sound like him. If you remain trapped in Sraddhalu’s world where the West is junk and the East is all glory, you can be sure that you will never be able to follow Sri Aurobindo’s Ideal of Human Unity.

  5. Isha Devi permalink

    The Himalayan irony is that Mr Ranade, clearly in a panic, made the most clumsy schoolboy error in trying to hide his activities. If, instead of making the naive pretence that this ‘Govind’ had accidently used the wrong mail account, he simply continued to (mistakenly) use the account for other routine ‘Govind’ mails and left it at that without any devious explanations, the recipients might have had a genuine belief that the ‘Govind’ had unwittingly used Ranade’s mail account. Disastrous blunder, strange from one who imagines himself as some sort of sage. Laughable.

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