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Sraddhalu Ranade’s deceptive ways, exposed!

January 19, 2013

Those who have followed Sraddhalu’s anti-Ashram activities and his related campaigns from close quarters have always been overwhelmed by the extent to which a member of the Ashram can stoop low. Even more startling has been his ability to fabricate lies, plant and propagate misinformation, use deception, etc., etc., in order to build and carry forward his anti-Ashram propaganda;  that too, all this in the name of Sri Aurobindo!

But there has been one persistent thorn that has been stuck in Sraddhalu’s side throughout his campaigns. The SAICE alumni, whom he could not dupe, repeatedly questioned and challenged him on each and every spurious information that he tried to disseminate on their internet discussion forum. Having failed to garner any support or sympathy from the SAICE alumni he withdrew and stopped communicating with them, or so it was believed.

As a beleaguered Sraddhalu withdrew from the SAICE alumni’s internet discussion forum, an unknown name appeared on the scene. The name was Govind. Govind has since then been parotting Sraddhalu with an uncanny similitude. Although there really is a Govind Nishar who is a close associate of Sraddhalu in the U.S., Govind’s ability to parrot Sraddhalu’s words, even his tone and also provide details about persons he has never known or met was always astonishing, if not suspicious. A rat could be smelt!

But Time has shown that lies have a short life and that Falsehood is always outlived by Truth! Govind’s true identity has now been accidentally(!) revealed.

The copy of the email which is reproduced below was very recently posted on the SAICE alumni internet discussion group. As one can see it has been posted by Sraddhalu Ranade, from his personal email address. However it is supposedly authored and signed and by “Govind”. There is no doubt now that Sraddhalu hides behind multiple aliases of which “Govind” is one of them.

The entire exchange can be seen here to understand the full context of the email exchanges.


From: [] On Behalf Of Sraddhalu Ranade
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 10:06 PM
Subject: Re: [SAICE Alumni] Enough of Falsehood – Ashram Trustee resigns!

Ha ha ha ha, Ashit, that was a good piece of fiction! But the ending with “new spring in my steps and an unassailable confidence” is sort of over done, and weakens your attempt at realism.

Let me respond with my own fictional encounter:

“I met Albert-da…. greeted with usual bright smile…. etc.

“He said, “As you know, the other Trustees never listen to me. I have told them many times not to waste Mother’s money in court cases and to try to solve problems in house. I told them expel PH from the Ashram. I told them not to fight the Government. But they do not listen. I am old now and cannot handle this falsehood and I do not wish to go to jail with them.

“As I walked out, I felt an unassailable confidence that the truth will win in spite of all orchestrated attempts to obfuscate facts, and Sri Aurobindo will win in spite of all those who try to abuse him and harm his work.”

Now it is your piece of fiction against mine. If you want to prove your version, please get your statement from Albert-da in writing.

Oh, by the way, Albert-da’s resignation is unconditional, Hence he has ceased to be a Trustee even if his resignation is not accepted for cosmetic reasons. See for updates on the search for a new Trustee to replace him.




Having made the embarrassing blunder of revealing “Govind’s” true identity, i.e. Sraddhalu himself, a desperate attempt was made to salvage the situation. About 20 minutes after the blunder, Govind, i.e. Sraddhalu(!) posted the following email:


From: [] On Behalf Of Govind

Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 10:25 PM
Subject: [SAICE Alumni] Apologies

Apologies for sending this from the wrong email. I had logged into SR’s account on a separate tab for administration of his personal website, and had forgotten to log out before sending mail.


—– Original Message —–

From: Sraddhalu Ranade


Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 10:05 PM

Subject: Re: [SAICE Alumni] Enough of Falsehood – Ashram Trustee resigns!


The example above reveals and exposes the modus operandi of a liar, a fraudster and one who thrives on pretense.

Those who believe that Sraddhalu’s website “” contains some truth will benefit from this expose.

Reported by an Observer.


The views expressed are of the author mentioned above who has wished to remain anonymous. However, the authenticity of this report has been verified and found satisfactory by this blog’s editors.

– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –


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