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Correspondence between Kittu Reddy et al. and SAAT

January 18, 2013

On 28th Dec. 2012, the General Editor of the website “” chose to publish an old letter dated 28th May 2010 that was written to Manoj Das Gupta, Managing Trustee of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust (SAAT) by “three senior Ashramites“, Kittu Reddy, Ranganath Raghavan and Sumita Kandpal (late). That the “three senior Ashramites” chose to write such a letter and also make it public goes a long way to reveal the time and the Ashram’s resources that the trio have wasted during their stay at the Ashram… but that is another story.

Of immediate interest is that the General Editor of that infamous website concealed the fact that the Ashram had given a fitting response to the three disgruntled “senior ashramites”  just a few weeks later, on 21st June 2010.

It has now come to our knowledge that certain members of the Ashram and the SAICE alumni had subsequently written to the General Editor of that website, asking it to reproduce the SAAT’s response to the three disgruntled “senior ashramites.” This request fell on deaf ears.

But, when the news that the General Editor was concealing information started to spread around, especially among the SAICE alumni, under pressure, the SAAT’s response to the three disgruntled “senior ashramites” was partially reproduced on their website. However, the General Editor just could not help suppress and conceal the several Annexures that supported the SAAT’s response and position… for obvious reasons!

For the sake of true objectivity and honesty, something that the General Editor is unfamiliar with, we are reproducing copies of the complete communication that took place between the three disgruntled “senior ashramites” and the SAAT.

Please click on the following links to view copies of the complete correspondence:

1) Copy of letter from Kittu Reddy, Ranganath Raghavan and Sumita Kandpal to Manoj Das Gupta, Managing Trustee of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust (SAAT) dated 28th May 2010.

.This letter was reproduced on the website “” on 28th Dec. 2012,more than 2.5 years after it was submitted to the SAAT!


2) Copy of letter from Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust to Kittu Reddy, Ranganath Raghavan and Sumita Kandpal dated 21st June 2010 along with complete set of Annexures.

This letter was eventually reproduced on the website  “” on 6th January 2013 after the General Editor was pressured to do so. However, the General Editor suppressed the following important Annexures:

a) Annexure I – Copy of Letter from Sraddhalu Ranade to the SAA Trust titled “The Core Problem.”

b) Annexure II – Copy of Letter from a Professor at JNU, Delhi to Manoj Das Gupta.

c) Annexure III – Copy of Letter from an Associate Professor, IDC, IIT Bombay, to Manoj Das Gupta.

d) Annexure IV – Copy of Letter from University of Philosophical Reasearch to SAAT.

e) Annexure V – Note titled “An examination of the criticism against “The Lives of Sri Aurobindo.”

f) Annexure VI – Copy of critique by Retired Judge David Annousamy on “The Lives of Sri Aurobindo”

g) Annexure VII – Copy of Letter from Sraddhalu Ranade dt. Oct., 14th 2008 to Manoj Das Gupta.


3) Copy of email asking the “General Editor” to reproduce entire correspondence between Kittu Reddy & Co and Manoj Das Gupta and the SAAT.


– Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –


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  1. suresh permalink

    Thank you for sharing this valuable, precise information. It is very good that this information being made publicly available so that the lies and misinformation campaigns of Sradhalu’s website can be countered. Keep it!

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