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Sadhana vs the Politics of Power

July 3, 2012

Ranga-da calls himself a well-wisher of the Ashram, but he keeps helping those who are attacking the Ashram in the most shameless, spiteful and undignified manner. Even though outside interference and politics were always discouraged in the Ashram by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Ranga-da acts like a Trojan Horse, betrays the Ashram from the inside by helping open the gates to the worst kinds of outside interference for an institution which is meant to carry out spiritual work.

If Ranga-da tries to call himself a well-wisher of the Ashram, how come he keeps on posting his articles on Raman’s and Sradhalu’s website “” which everybody knows is only meant for spreading lies and falsehood about the Ashram and some its members?

We saw how the so-called CNN-IBN sting that was publicized in Raman’s and Sradhalu’s website “” was nothing else but a big, fat bunch of lies that were being spread by them, even though they must have known the true story behind that infamous sting operation. They claim to know all the dirty secrets of the Ashram but how come they didn’t tell anyone the truth about the fake CNN-IBN sting? Why doesn’t Ranga-da denounce his friends Raman and Sradhalu for spreading lies? Is it because it suits his political moves?

With this little background, it is interesting to read the response to Ranga-da’s post on the blog The Public Ashramite.

-Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –


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