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The sting that stung back – Part 1

May 31, 2012

Introduction :- 

On 30th April 2012, the website “” that is managed and maintained by Sradhalu and his group published the article CNN-IBN Sting Exposes The Trustees of the Ashram.

Their purpose of digging up this old story which the CNN-IBN themselves buried more than 4 years ago was evidently meant to try to bring disrepute to the Trustees of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust.

The website’s General Editor tauntingly wrote:

“Three hours before the broadcast was due, the promos mysteriously stopped, and the program was cancelled without giving any reasons. No explanation has been forthcoming to this day.

Will CNN-IBN shed light on this? The public have a right to know as the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust is a public charitable institution and its trustees are accountable to the public.

The promo for the sting program is explosive and revealing in its own right.”

But four years later, the Truth has started to emerge and we have started getting credible information on the background of this spurious sting operation, it’s authenticity (or lack of it) and why it was buried at the 11th hour.

We will be sharing this information with our readers on this blog as and when we are in a position to do so.

-Well-wishers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram –


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  1. TORA SOM permalink

    Dear Friends and followers of Sri Aurobindo Ashram,
    I would like to point your attention to several facts based on Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy which I think is very much relevant to the present world situation to bring about the renaissance which Sri aurobindo had predicted.
    First of all if we look at the recent economic downfall of USA which struck the whole world to dire misery, we on analysis can trace its roots to two main causes.
    Firstly, people who had risen very high fell into shameful corruption and sucked out the economic blood of the country.
    Secondly, notable advisors of the government where renowned and well accomplished people who could not suggest the government of right policies.
    Hence the failure happened.
    Thus the accident which happened was due to lack of morality and lack of right thinking.
    Both occurs due to lack of the right consciousness.
    Consciousness is not what people ordinarily think of.For example, when we stand before a person for the first time,we get to know his name , address, occupation,his family members and all that which he chooses to divulge to us.And we do not know whether he is speaking the truth or not.And we do not know of anything concerning him which he does not speak out.
    That is ordinary man has no way of understanding the world beyond what his physical eyes and ears are informing him.And that is not the true way of judging the world.
    But if a saint stands before the man, his entire present , future and past are shown to the saint as on a cinema screen.Why and how? Because the saint has a very developed consciousness.
    So if the government advisors could understand what policies should be adopted by the government through a developed consciousness they could have advised the government to take up right policies.
    Again a consciousness gets developed only through contact with the Divine or the universal consciousness which is based on TRUTH and TRUTH alone. Hence in that path there is no lnterference of falsehood and there is no question of resorting to corruption which generates from falsehood.
    Hence, if the concept of building up ones consciousness is not developed, right thinking can not take place; nor is it possible to annihilate corruption.
    Now the question that follows is how to develop this consciousness?
    It has to be developed right from the childhood, or rather before a child is born!
    So, the next point that comes up is that parents have to be very much prepared in consciousness to present the world with such right thinking children.
    The prevalent concept of childbirth is very wrong.Parents out of their desire give physical birth to children without caring for , or unable to deal with the baby’s consciousness.
    The right process of birth is that the parents should first give birth to the child’s consciousness and then bring down that consciousness in a physical body, so that the baby is mentally alive right from its birth.
    And only such children can bring up the renaissance that Sri Aurobindo had predicted.
    So next comes the phenomenon of marriage between a couple.
    Again , the present concept of marriage is not right at all , for which reason children are born with a human body but with a animal consciousness.
    Marriages take place either in the arranged method or through love affairs. Both are absolutely wrong processes.
    Dadaji, Sri Dilip Kumar , wrote in his book: “Turn to the Divine and u shall find your family, your country , your religion”
    Yes , that is the correct method. Learning to be totally dependent on the Divine for journeying through this world.
    That is the correct method of choosing ones life partner and consequently right birth of children take place.
    This concept of mutually choosing ones life partner is not known in this world, rather, not given importance at all. Because Sri Sarada Devi and Sri Ramkrishna married in this way. MiraMa of Pondicherry saw Sri Aurobindo in Her childhood itself.But people do not give thoughts to such phenomena.They think they have much better things to delve upon!And their apparent smartness lands them to such disastrous accidents like the recent economlc downfall!
    Myself and my Life partner knew each other when we reached 15 years of age although we met in this world only 12 years back.
    I took initiation from Sri Sri Ram Thakur’s Ashram at the age of 2and1/2 years,at the age of 27 diksha from revered Pravrajika Mokshaprana Mataji, of Sri Sarada Math of Dakshineswar, and for the last 12 years have been studying the works of Sri Aurobindo.
    My Husband , Nr. Ranjan Mitter, the Secretary of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture at Regent Park, Tollygunge, has been trained in spirituality by the Mother of Pondicherry , right from his childhood.
    And ofcourse our samskaras with which we descended made us come to know about our family, our country and religion at an early age.
    But, yet I was not prepared enough to lead a married life with him and got permission from the Mother 2 years earlier.
    Hence Ranjan could not speak of me 12 years back.
    But, Sumitra, a teacher of The Future Foundatio School, and a divorcee with a 7 year old daughter took advantage of his silence, to force him to marry her with a completely false allegation that she had conceived his child.
    Thereafter , when I revealed my identity, she to fool me and everybody of the ashram again, conceived a child from Subhojit of the ashram and gave birth to a daughter, claiming it to be Ranjan’s.
    Again she was having an imtimate affair with the marketing manager of the Vibgyor group of companies, trying for another child. But that too when I revealed, she tried to force Ranjan to give her a child to bind him down to her ,as Ranjan right from the beginning had never accepted her, as he very well knew of our identity.
    But, Sumitra, took recourse to falsehood one after another to preserve her illegal marriage to Ranjan to drive me away.
    What people ask is why did Ranjan connived with her to present the picture of much indulgence towards her, when actually he had never accepted her even for a day?
    Let me tell u a story to explain the WHY in everybodies mind.
    Once Narayana visited the world with Narada, to show him how he ruled the world.
    He first visited a very arrogant and prosperous king in a poor brahmin’s attire and asked for shelter.The king in his extreme arrogance just kicked them out for he never cared for such poor fools.
    Narayana while coming away blessed the king “May he prosper more”.
    Next they went to a very poor old woman who had nothing but a goat which she loved very much although she went without even a morsel of food many days.She was a devout worshipper of the Lord.
    When they both reached her place she received them with such respect and love showing truly that atithi is Narayana.
    When they came away from her hut, the Lord blessed her, “Let her goat die immediately”
    Narada was very perplexed. He then asked the Lord how is it that to the arrogant king He blessed with more prosperity and to the old woman who was such a devout worshipper of the Lord,He blessed that her only belonging in the world , the goat , should die!
    Then Narayana replied, that the king had taken to the path of falsehood with no sense of regret, and hence He blessed him with more prosperity so that it would increase his arrogance even further, until his sin would suck him down to destruction. Because his utter lack of sense of regret would not let him listen to any Holy words.
    But the old lady was so devout that only one lacking in her was her attachment to the goat which was preventing her to go to heaven.And so the Lord blessed the goat’s death , so that the old lady would be freed from her last attachment.
    As Sri Aurobindo had been the lord Narayana Himself, Ranjan by his training from the Mother understood his philosophy and gave more and more indulgence to Sumitra, so that she would face the destiny of the arrogant king in due time.

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